2 Wii Games for £35 @ HMV
2 Wii Games for £35 @ HMV

2 Wii Games for £35 @ HMV

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Blazing Angels: Squadrons Of World War 2

Driver: Parallel Lines

Prince Of Persia: Rival Swords

Tom Clancys Splinter Cell: Double Agent

Metal Slug Antholog


Blazing Angels was less than £15 delivered from Woolworths the other day.

Metal Slug is £14.99 delivered @ ]Play

Avatar is £16.99 @ ]DVD.co.uk

Ulitmate Alliance looks about the best bet - but I don't know what 2nd title would be worth it?

Not a deal if the list is limited to ''bottom of the barrell titles" that are individually as cheap elsewhere.

I saw this the other day and thought about posting it but realised most of the titles are cheaper/very similar price elsewhere - even when factoring in the 15% off discount HMV were doing up until yesterday.

The only well priced one is Driver: Parallel Lines I think which I couldn't find for less than £20 elsewhere when I just had a quick check. It is a poor game though (5.9 out of 10 at IGN)

As for the other titles:

Metal Slug Anthoology is £14.99 at Play for example and with Quidco available too.
Prince of Persia is £15.99 at Powerplaydirect with Quidco and discount vouchers available.
Splinter Cell is £15ish at play.com or the Hut and again discounts availble on top of these
Woolworths has Blazing Angels at £16.47 and Quidco availble too

Check, for example, [url]www.find-games.co.uk[/url] before making a purchase
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