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2 x 12oz Big Daddy Sirloin Steaks for £9 - £13.22/kg @ Iceland

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I treated myself to these last night, they were really tender and tasty with very little fat, I was very pleasantly surprised. I also noticed that they also seem to be the cheapest sirloin steak you can buy in any supermarket at the moment by quite some way.

By the way, I think my maths works out for the price per kilo otherwise disregard this as a deal!!
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    Anyone who thinks a steak is better with 'very little fat' won't be recommending anything to me...
    I'm with you there, the flavour & moisture come from a well marbled steak, hence I prefer Rib Eye to Sirloin.

    I have some 48 day matured dry aged Rib Eye steaks on order from my local Butcher who also has the farm where the cattle are, but I'll be paying well over £40 a kilo for them
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    Thanks OP

    Is this instore too?
    Online exclusive
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    £4.50 each in Aldi and much better looking...
    these would be about £3 each if they were the same size...
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    Had one the other day was mingin, Tescos own and Aldis much better imo.
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    Prepacked with nitrogen and Co2 no thanks buy fresh from a butcher
    Steak lovers, packaging experts, scientists everyone's coming to the party
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    You’ll be chewing on big daddy for days 😬
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    My man, this costs almost twice as much at £25.28/kg vs the £13.22/kg of this offer (edited)
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    Wouldn't say 12oz was big daddy 16oz maybe
    You’re lucky if you even see a 16oz on a menu any more and if you do it’s about £2 an oz
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    Some of this are "big" in length (so quite thin), others are thicker. Pick through the ones on the shelf to find the thickest one you can (preferably 1.5 inches), use a cheap leave-in thermometer and reverse sear these to about 46 degrees, and they actually come out really well

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    Get him Mr Bubbles! Hit him!!
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    I've bought one of these before and it was lovely. Ignore the snobs.
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    Who's your daddy...!!!
    And what does he do?

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    Love the additional info on the website lol

    We recommend that you always check the packaging for allergen advice and talk to your doctor if you need any further food allergy advice. Please remember that products suitable for vegans may not necessarily be suitable for people with food allergies, as advised by The Vegan Society.
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    This is an online only deal. They are £5.50 instore, same as the Rump steaks.Tomorrow is discount day for the over 60's. 10% off. Don't know how it would work for online purchases tho.
    Thanks for your helpful info' (saved me a wasted trip)
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    I paid £80 for a tomahawk steak eating out and it was sheet you not like 40% fat! I maybe going again before Christmas so will day something if jts dog crap again...
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    It has to be Salt Bae for me,always value for money eating there
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