2 x 18 pack of Nicky Toilet Rolls - Only £5.00 @ Netto
2 x 18 pack of Nicky Toilet Rolls - Only £5.00 @ Netto

2 x 18 pack of Nicky Toilet Rolls - Only £5.00 @ Netto

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Went to my local Netto. If you purchase 2 packs Nicky Toilet Rolls it only costs £5.00. Thats a total of 36 good quality toilet rolls. Excellent if you got the runs, or a big family! LoL!


This deserve to be Hot! Thanx for this

That's a great price as we bought some from home bargains the other day, 18 for £3.89 which we thought was good but this deals better. shame there's no netto near by. great find!

Are these the 3 ply quilted ones? I normally get mine from Home Bargain too... hot price if they are.

Great price, recent Nicky purchaser at Home Bargains and I can honestly say I will never buy Andrex toilet rolls again.

Nothing in Coventry,Radford Somebody find one?
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Think your fuel cost and time looking will kill the deal don't you think Sliwka?


Best TP ever.

Great Deal.

Always get this toilet paper, usually from Farm Stores (£2 for a nine pack). Won't buy anything else now. Good quality.

holy sh*t thats a lot of loo roll - must last months..... no wait days

For those without these shops, poundstretcher do 2 x18 packs of quilted toilet roll for £5 which is ok.

Not expired... mods please unexpire. Purchased today.
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