2 x 5Kg bags of charcoal briquettes £6 @ Tesco (40% saving)

2 x 5Kg bags of charcoal briquettes £6 @ Tesco (40% saving)

Found 7th Apr 2011
2 x 5Kg bags of charcoal briquettes for £6, usually £5 each. I bought a couple in-store, loads still available; and appears to be online as well!

Have fun BBQing!
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needed a lot of firelighters to get these to start.
Cheap, but not much good if they don't light! Anyone else used these?

Saying that last year I got some from Sainsburys which were crap too.
brickettes are all crap. Buy proper charcoal
Last week, I finished off an old bag of this that I had from last summer and yes it wasn't an 'instant light', but I didn't really expect that either.

The recommended usage of firelighters, with newspaper and some kindling the coned shape, then added the charcoal on the top did the trick though! mmm tasty sausages!!
Get the barbie out, Easter's here...... may come in handy for melting the snow
If you cant get your charcoal to light you need one of these http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/3450860/c_1/1%7Ccategory_root%7CGarden+and+DIY%7C14418702/c_2/2%7C14418702%7CBarbecues%7C14418875/c_3/3%7Ccat_14418875%7CBBQ+tools+and+accessories%7C14418880.htm

Stuff the bottom with newspaper pour in the charcoal then light the newspaper.
You will have white hot coals in 20 mins.
Its the best BBQ gadget!
Why have I never heard of that before?!?!?!? Will have to get one, ta
Those chimney starters are excellent, much easier than trying to mess around with firelighters etc.
Bought two of these cheap bags of charcoal from Tesco's (Cardiff) ready for an Easter B-B-Q. What a waste of time! Took ages to get going (had to apply lighting gel TWICE!) and then the charcoal was not hot enough to cook anything, even when it was grey! Had to cook my sausages and burgers on the kitchen cooker in the end! No wonder they are selling 1 for £5.00 or 2 for £6.00. I must have been using the bag that cost the quid!!!!!
those briquettes from tesco are rubbish. I bought the one where they have individual packets inside the large pack for £5. i think it was 4 x 1kg or something, so you dont need to worry about paper, you just burn one of the little packets as its all set up for you. What a waste of time that was, flames burnt quite high but had to wait for it to turn grey. It never did turn grey and then they just burnt out. Then added about 20 matches and loads of paper, and still nothing. I thought maybe its because i didnt use any fluid or oil, but that was only coz it didn't say you had to on the back. After reading these comments, it seems as though even with all the fluid they are still useless. Definitely a waste of money! Does anyone have any recommendations from anywhere else for a reasonable price? or any advice on how to light a barbeque?
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