2 x Belkin 1Gbps Powerline Networking Adaptors £66.99 delivered @ Amazon
2 x Belkin 1Gbps Powerline Networking Adaptors £66.99 delivered @ Amazon

2 x Belkin 1Gbps Powerline Networking Adaptors £66.99 delivered @ Amazon

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These usually retail around the 50/60 quid mark for just one, so a pair for 66.99 is a relative bargain!

Product Description: Belkin Gigabit Powerline HD Starter Kit - bridge
Device Type: Bridge
Form Factor: External
Localisation: United Kingdom
Data Link Protocol: Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, HomePlug AV (HPAV)
Features: 128-bit encryption
Compliant Standards: IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, HomePlug AV
System Requirements: Apple MacOS X, Microsoft Windows Vista / 2000 / XP
Manufacturer Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty


Sold by a MarketPlace seller though rather than Amazon.


Sold by a MarketPlace seller though rather than Amazon.

Go to the "More Buying Options"....Amazon have it listed at £66.99, free delivery. Good deal!

Out of stock - Dispatched in 1 - 3 months!!!

Does anyone know if these get hot when left plugged in?

I have both 200Mbps & 300Mbps and neither gets more than warm. Hope that helps.

How much faster are these to 200 Mbps ones?

5 times?

These things have NEVER had much of a reputation,lots of bad reviews about on the 'Net, and the Amazon reviews seem to bear this out.
The 200mbs ones seem far less trouble, and not so very far behind in performance, shame :-(

Ebuyer has them same price and good reviews on there.


Ebuyer has them same price and good reviews on there.

Just as we are discussing on another thread, Ebuyer Edit and fail to publish negative reviews. Not worth the paper they are NOT printed on!

Fair enough, I did suspect that to be the case a while back but was figured just me

The review for these are not very good. Good AV200 ones are said to work better. The solwise gigabit ones are good, but need to be on a good connection to get full benefit, their chipset is a bit flakey when going through a mains box.

I've had a set for nearly a year and I've had no issues with them. Updated the firmware on them twice and like all/most Belkin stuff they have a lifetime warranty

Review for everybody other than the family 'computer whiz'/Summary TL;DR review: Product is so poor you'll think it's faulty - but it's just bad design. Great marketing though! If you are lucky you'll get 10% of what this product claims to offer, our experience was less than 3% of claimed speed. Most of the time your facebook messages and lolcats will traffic jam faster than cars on a British motorway at rush hour.

I used to have respect for Belkin, their products are cheap but solid, but I no longer feel that way. We recently upgraded to the new Virgin Media 100mbits service which is quite simply impossibly fast. Over a gigabit ethernet cable we are easily capable of getting 11MB/s out of the connection, even at 'peak times'. Unfortunately, our (rental) house is quite large and we are unable to lay proper cabling. We had previously been running a combination of Wireless N and some 200mbit ZyXEL homeplug devices. From these devices we were able to get between 3-6MB/s download speeds from steam and other services. We saw these Belkin devices on offer at about £55 for two with a claimed speed of 1000mbits/1gbps - we figured 'hey, even if it runs at 10% of the speed its still good enough'. Well yeah... so much for that.

Our initial tests from upstairs to downstairs yielded between 2 and 3MB/s. Sure that sounds great, but both wireless and the homeplug devices we had previously could run at double that. We tried a few more tests at one point we managed to get a blistering 15MB/s between two machines in the same room. Wow! Not... 15MB/s is approximately 120mbits, or 12% of the total quoted speed - and that's in optimal conditions. A few hours later we tried again, this time getting 3MB/s between machines in the same room and then testing upstairs to downstairs yielded 200kbps. I could morse code the bits down the powerline faster than that. Latency is also severe with these devices. A ping from one machine on wifi to another on the ZyXEL homeplug takes 4ms, Upstairs ==> 15MB/s
Downstairs -> Downstairs ==> 11MB/s
Upstairs -> Downstairs ==> 3MB/s (worst case of 200kbps)

Old homeplugs (ZyXEL 200mbit):
Upstairs -> Downstairs == 6MB/s

9MB/s (best case)
4.5MB/s (average)
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