2 x Cathedral City mature lighter cheese 350g 99p (buy one get one free) @ 99p stores

2 x Cathedral City mature lighter cheese 350g 99p (buy one get one free) @ 99p stores

Found 16th Dec 2014
Customer in front of me purchased this and the till assistant told him to go back and get another as they were buy one get one free! So I went and picked up a couple of pairs and everyone around me that heard went to go do the same so there wasn't many left in the Folkestone branch when I left.

They were right at the back of a fridge with no signage indicating the bogof offer...till assistant didn't know how long the offer is on for but said that the offer is across lots of stores. The expiry date on the ones I picked up say 20 Feb 2015.

You can freeze this cheese but in my experience it becomes a bit crumbly afterwards but still fine for melting cooking etc.

EDIT: Apparently BOGOF is now finished But worth checking your stores for fresh deliveries of this cheese for 99p which is still a brilliant deal!

18/12/2014 My local store today had plenty out on display about 5 large boxes full so it looks like it's being restocked at the 99p price.


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Great price for using in cooking thanks OP

Oh wow! What an incredible deal for cheese lovers (me included)!


Will this deal make the cheese melt ?

Ok I will get my coat

Not going to last long at ths price

I will pretty much guarantee the 99p store near me won't stock this

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My store isn't an especially large one but did have a couple of big boxes full out this evening (even if it was hidden right at the back of the fridge!) So hopefully some of the other stores have a similar stock level and some lucky cheese lovers will be able to grab a few.

This is my all time favorite cheese so I'm over the moon (cheese moon)!


Nom nom nom. Hot hot hot!

Great price!

I'd say £1.43 a kilo for Cathedral City is a bit of a bargain.

Omg! Cheese! Cheap cheese!! Hello nightmares ha!

good for cooking

Wasn't in Derby branch today as i looked thru there fridge for juice

excellent!! cheers!!!

i dont have a 99p store anywhere near me

Perfect for my daily salad

Great price


good for cooking

Tuna pasta bake!

My 2 year old also love nibbling on cheese, even though his syndrome means he has feeding issues.



I don't get it?

Pretty good deal but wasn't in Bolton


no pop up what the....

ooh did get a white gingerbread

It's one heck of a deal though.


I mean Melted!!

heat added
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Good price! Heat added

Very good deal

Good deal Op, Can never have enough cheese.

As hot as cheese on toast

This is the deal of the year - £2.50 each, even when on offer
So 2 for 99p is phenomenal

so how much profit were they making before this what about the farmers????????

Will be off to check if our local has this once I've dropped my daughter at school, amazing price


Pretty good deal but wasn't in Bolton

Where is the 99p store in Bolton. I checked their website for stores and only the rock bury came up.

none in derby

goose chase sorry to say.. this isnt national. hot for those that find it, none in Bromley store.

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