2 x Corn on the Cob @ ASDA for 50p

2 x Corn on the Cob @ ASDA for 50p

Found 13th Aug 2008Made hot 13th Aug 2008
2 Corn on the Cob at ASDA for 50p (normally £1.38)
Tomorrow (14th) only
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Welcome to HUKD raj626uk :thumbsup:


love these on the bbq, great price. voted hot. :thumbsup:

Love sweetcorn, great deal, heat added. :thumbsup:

strange that they decide to reduce 1 item for 1 day only, sweetcorn is a pretty random choice too although it is in season,...

was 35p for one at the weekend at Morrison's - hardly worth changing the weekly shop for.

Didn't know that Asda did one day only deals on veg...?

Sweet :thumbsup:

Been into my local today and none at 50p

None in Bradford store for that price!

rollback to £1.38 for the big ones? who fooled you? you fooled me!

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Sorry, the person told me it was on today, but it is tomorrow (15th) they have said now.

I trekked all the way at lunchtime with kids snapping my ankles and it wasn't on offer! No way I doing it on a friday afternoon! :-(
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