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2 x FARADAY Jsdoin car Key Signal Blocker Pouch, Key Protector £3.99 @ Amazon / Olige ABC

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  • 【SECURE YOUR CAR 】Simply place the car key fob into the faraday bag and you're protected. No worry about thieves amplifying your fob signal and opening car any more, effectively stop your keyless entry fobs from being remotely accessed.
  • 【REMOTE KEYLESS ENTRY CAR PROTECTOR】The Faraday pouch for car keys is made of RFID shielding material that stops thieves amplifying your fob signal and opening the car, stop your keyless entry fobs from being remotely accessed.
  • 【HOOK DESIGN】 faraday pouch Zinc alloy hook on the top to hang on jeans or backpack, inner key securing chain easy to get in or out your vehicle key.
  • 【DOUBLE PACK 】We provide two pouches so you can protect an additional key in your family.Perfectly car key signal blocker pouch sized at 14cm x 9cm, our products are designed and tested 99% brands and models of car to ensure the maximum protection.
  • 【After Sales Service】We're pretty sure you'll like our products, so if you're not happy for any reason, please get in touch with us!
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    Put your keys in the microwave, it’s a big Faraday cage sitting in your kitchen, Just remember to… (edited)
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    I haven't locked my £250 20yo Golf for years, it's still on the drive, with the key in it...
    Where do you live out of interest...
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    The boxes are not much more and much easier to just toss your keys into for home use.

    They are the skinniest keys I have ever seen. 
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    From experience, most of these stop working after a few months. Be sure to periodically test them!
    Same findings myself. Have bought an rfid blocking box instead now.
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    If you carry these things around they will wear which could result in leaks. I've used them (similar to these) for 3 years + and they still work fine but I only use them to store the car keys when I am at home thus reducing wear and tear on the fabric.
    Yeah this. I accidentally caught one of mine and it scuffed slightly. Became immediately useless. Box is a far better purchase for home storage.
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    I use old golden syrup tins for each set of keys for my car, plus as they are kept in the kitchen a thief breaking in to nick the keys would have to shake a lot of tins to find em....
    What about when youre actually out the house.
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    Agree with most people of here. These pouches work ok at first but they WILL stop working eventually. The lining gets worn out from constantly putting keys in and out.

    Get a Faraday box for storage of keys at home.
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    I agree with Brownboy about periodically checking them. One of mine stopped working and they were a lot more expensive than these. (edited)
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    I lost my 4x4 off the drive using keys in a faraday bag. They just amplify the signal and drive off with your car. I have lovely cctv of them driving off in my car and some very useless faraday bags. Aleays use a metal tin aswell. When you are out obviously you cannot.
    It definitely wasn't a Faraday bag then.
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    I ended up getting a faraday box - end up rarely closing it! but I’m sure BMW signal is not transmitting once the key is stationary for a period. A few doors down my neighbours merc (CLC) 2021 was taken- can’t believe newer cars with comfort access are vulnerable still.
    I've a 2016 BMW. Had it unlocked twice (at some point in the night, quite a way after the keys were no longer mobile). They stole the contents, not the car, which really annoyed me but could have been worse. Lost 2 ipods (actually, old iphones) 6 months apart. Now we have a faraday box, and car has stayed locked. (edited)
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    This plus a disclock or stoplock as a visual deterrent. Absolute pain to take on and off when in a rush but has definitely made car thieves move on to another car and leave mine alone.
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    Any good ones for mobile phones?
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    These types of blocker are rubbish - it wont work after a few weeks or months. These are far better.


    Plenty of similar ones with different styles/colours.
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    Some cars will allow you to turn off keyless entry too in the settings (if you’re not too bothered about that).
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    I must be in the minority. I bought a 2 pack in 2016 and the first pouch is still working fine I check every couple of days to make sure it's still blocking signal.

    I've seen it save my car from being robbed twice over cctv with them waving a bag by the door . The joys of visiting family and friends in Birmingham