2 x Guinness Glass Beer Tankards £1.29 Instore Home Bargains

2 x Guinness Glass Beer Tankards £1.29 Instore Home Bargains

Found 22nd Mar 2010Made hot 23rd Mar 2010
Great looking sturdy Beer Tankards, bought 2 boxes...still a few left in Wolves store.

Also have boxes of 2x traditional Pint glasses...same price (but Tankards look and feel much better)


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link to a better picture (not sure why title picture is not working proper, can somebody fix please?)


Image in original post looks fine to me

bought one of these at the Guiness Warehouse for a lot more than this so this is a great deal. Its a big cup, very heavy, but kind of hurt your fingers when holding up the cup when its filled.

Nice, Will check my local


Did they have these in the half pint size as i have been looking a long time to find some?

Btw voted hot good price.:thumbsup:

good price
bought some last year at the Guinness store.
I entered the Guinness’s 250th birthday in Dublin competion and won A PAIR OF VIP TICKETS TO Arthur’s Day 250th anniversary celebrations.
Great day and plenty of free Guinness :-)

Been looking for a frosted barrel, pint glass, for many years now,am looking for one without a handle......like rockin horse s**t to find though !!

I would love to get this, but there are no stores near where I live. Boo! :-(

None in Consett - but the delivery lorry was there just after 9 this morning.

Nice glass.

cheers mate will take a look

great! but none left in my local..

if anyone has a spare I would love em... will post PnP to Sunderland :thumbsup:

I used to have one of these years back but it smashed, will definately be making a trip tommorrow!

Great deal but ******, no stores in the whole of Devon by the looks of it.

loads in Hull Hessle Road store
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