2 x HD DVDs for £15 (Rambo First Blood and Total Recall) DVD.CO.UK
2 x HD DVDs for £15 (Rambo First Blood and Total Recall) DVD.CO.UK

2 x HD DVDs for £15 (Rambo First Blood and Total Recall) DVD.CO.UK

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Hi Guys, I ordered these HD DVDs 2 days ago and I received them. Fast Delivery!

Rambo - First Blood - Vol.1 (HD-DVD)
Total Recall (HD-DVD)

Great price for only £15.00 and don't forget Quidco (4%)


Got mine today.............great deal.
Just waiting for the blu's to turn up:oops:

+hot from me,

#3 post and no format wars yet


+hot from me,#3 post and no format wars yet

Still waiting, must be past their bedtime http://www.onlinewebservice4.de/forumowspix/wall.gif lol


Still waiting, must be past their bedtime lol

lol, even with the format wars these two films in HD for that price are getting a Hot vote for me, even though i own a blu ray player,lol

Great deal just bought mine.

Expect the Blu-Ray fan boys will be on in the morning!

great price, shame its not on blu ray

Totall Recall, one of my top 5 favourite films. "See you at the party Richter!"

brilliant price for two HD films, i have a blu ray player and still voting hot on this

i posted this ready (earlier this week )

Seems like Total Recall isn't part of the offer anymore.

When I add both to my cart and go to checkout it says £19.90.

Total Recall wasn't in the list for me - had to look for it.

Blu Blu Blu!


darn... missed out on it


darn... missed out on it

Missed what? deal is still running.:thumbsup:

Dont know about the rest of you, but I get a feeling of dread whenever anybody posts any HD-DVD/Blu-Ray offers. It brings the bloody fanboys out from under the rocks with the same old tiresome "HD-DVD is dead.....blah, blah, blah" arguments.....

We are mercifully free of these so far however, which is a bonus...:whistling:

I own neither format, but voted hot as surely a great deal! :thumbsup:

Damn! I only came into this thread to observe the 'war' between HD and Blu-Ray. I shall now leave sorely disappointed... :whistling:

Good deal btw

I wish people would not expire offers without looking first.

This offer is still available and I have just ordered Rambo & Total Recall for £15.00 less 4% Quidco.

"Any promotional discounts will be
applied when you click on the checkout button"

Nearly missed this due to the EXPIRED heading, but just thought I'd take a look anyway.
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