2 x Samsung R6 for £98 @ Currys

2 x Samsung R6 for £98 @ Currys

Found 27th Nov 2017
£200 off 2 x Samsung R6 using code SAMRSER£200. I know this has been posted before but the white R6 has recently been reduced to £149 which now makes it £98 for 2. They are available for home delivery again now as previously it was only click and collect.
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Wow. DEAL!
bargain.. bought!!
Nice one bought
bought..thank you so much
Excellent - bought - major Thanks!
Bought thanks, 50£ each, insane
Well that's my R1s upgraded! Thanks OP
Great find
Bovrilontoast2 m ago

Well that's my R1s upgraded! Thanks OP

Anyone used these? How do you find sound quality and how good is the Samsung app as it seems to be the only way of controlling it. Seems to get good reviews but this was back in 2015.
sod it bagged 6.. cheers!
Can I get these to work with android play music?
I just bought a Google home, do I did this too?
that was quick
Thanks. Just ordered.
Well done. oos
Went out of stock as ordering
Black version available for £200 if that's still a deal. I have no clue really.
Damn gone ... black available using same code but for £200
wouldnt be surprised if these clowns cancel all orders based on recent experiences
Don't know whether to spend £200 on the black version or leave it. Hhhmmm
Had in basket but then went out of stock. Hope you guys get yours, bargain 😋
Anyone know if they honour the code instore?
Same here dam
Got a set thanks OP. None in Scotland for collection when I checked
What is the quality of sound on these?
Out of stock plus nothing available for collection 60 miles away either.
Managed to reserve 1 black and 1 white, so 149 for 2 which is still a great price. Thank you op 🏻
grayslick1 h, 0 m ago

wouldnt be surprised if these clowns cancel all orders based on recent …wouldnt be surprised if these clowns cancel all orders based on recent experiences

i got my ms650 soundbar and the ps4 pro deal at 199 quid is getting honored.
I just managed to bag two white ones for delivery so wasn't expired for me at least. Thanks op!
Same as above... two white ones with a processing email...GET IN lol
Yep same as above. Got a feeling I might get a cancellation email though...
worked for me too for 2 white
Thanks. Got 2 as well
Maybe I should get more....
Just managed to order them even know it says there wasn't any stock! Just kept refreshing the page and then it let me through! Maybe someone pulled out of the deal at that moment?
All you guys had the confirmation email? Let’s hope we all get them... I’m planning my plug situation lol
Aye I can order two white ones right now for £98 - but just don't think I need them. . . need to click close!
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