2 x small sofas from Next. Was £1300, discount of £1100 = £98

2 x small sofas from Next. Was £1300, discount of £1100 = £98

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How to cancel your NEXT Catalogue:

fabric: HENDON,
Colour: Stone
Feet: Standard
Click medium sofa and make quantity 2 and click add to bag.
the screen should now change, where is says sofa size change it to SF SMALL
and it should now say discount £1100 total price £98

"Remember to change basket to small afterwards! You can't click small or change quantity on the initial page any more" - Harry1212 (CCUK)

Delivery is £3.99

£1300 sofas for £98? NOT BAD.

Dont forget cashback from Quidco or topcashback
- mac75


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Item Information Size Qty Stock Status Price
2 Man Delivery Service (Please Note That This Item Will Not Have A Gift Message)
Rochelle (Hendon/Stone) (804-223-X49) SF SMALL 2 This item should be despatched within 4 weeks. £1,198.00
Special Offer Saving: - £1,100.00
SUBTOTAL: £98.00
Standard UK Delivery £3.99
Total Order £101.99

Oooo... wonder if they will honour!!!! Fab if they do

Cant let me put small in

Well it works ,don't think anyone will get it for that though
I never bought them but could have
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Errm, I think I just bought 2 sofas lol. Thanks

they aint gonna do this for that price

no way

misprice, i think..
plus showing oos

Expired SF Small is grayed out

isnt even worth the hassle of waiting for nearly 100quid refund

Still working...

Why is everyone voting cold?

showing in stock again, but as HAVINCE above says..aint even worth it, cos they surely wont honour price as its a 'new' item in itself!

Hmmm, 8 sofas for £392...

missprice of over a grand

Yeah theyl honor this.................


showing in stock again, but as HAVINCE above says..aint even worth it, … showing in stock again, but as HAVINCE above says..aint even worth it, cos they surely wont honour price as its a 'new' item in itself!



Hmmm, 8 sofas for £392...

have followed your instructions but its coming up at £1,298.00 for me

Have they cottoned on you think ?


Why is everyone voting cold?

Because the SF Small is not available!!


Hmmm, 8 sofas for £392...


The glitch lottery strikes again.

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Still available for me and a few others it seems.


yeah still available


Yes it's still working

Wow!!! HOT, HOT, HOT!! Whether i'll get them or not remains to be seen. no harm in trying!

Worked for me!

can just picture the look on there faces when they see all these orders for less that £100




Expired SF Small is grayed out

You add the sofas as Medium and then change them at basket stage (like in the screenshot above)
So put them in your basket as medium SF and then change them on the drop down to Small SF

it dont say anywhere in next T&Cs about price missmatched. so i think you might have next by the **** with this one, Plus i have a next card so i might take a punt as its not coming out my pocket.

Ordered but doubt it will be honoured

Anyone been brave enough?

Welcome To...Terms & Conditions

The prices quoted are those ruling at the time of production. Due to circumstances beyond our control, prices may have to be altered up or down, including any alterations to the rate of value added tax. The correct price will be shown when you place your order. All prices shown are cash prices in sterling. Prices of goods displayed in and ordered through the Directory may differ from prices in store.

Decisions, decisions!

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Same, worked fine for me and still showing at the same price and in stock when I go back for more. Works for 2,4,6,8 quantities I think. Obviously the price will change but the discount remains

I hope they at least honour the ones placed before 18:00

Definitely still works, but just cannot be arsed. Nowhere to put them!

Lol working for me but would like in a darker colour!

How the hell do you find something a glitch like this?(_;)
Out of stock for me!
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Just ordered 2 sofas using my next card, ill let you know if i get them if i do i will have 2 sofas for sale for £500 if your interested lol.

Don't need them but I couldn't resist!!!!

Thanks op whether or not they honour it.

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No problem.

do next deduct from your account straight away or on dispatch

Just ordered, doubt they will honour this though , deal of The century if they do!


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