2 x table lamps blue only £3 at asda instore

2 x table lamps blue only £3 at asda instore

Found 14th Feb 2009Made hot 15th Feb 2009
got 2 tables lamps (twin pack) blue for just £3 in asda reduced from £10



good price. i paid 8 quid i think. mine were and still are brown

nice deal and nice lamps, got them a while back, they were priced at £8 took them to the till and it scanned at £5,
at £3 there a bargain

Theyve been £3 online for a while (posted on here) but p&p extra so good deal instore. Paid £5 for my cream ones instore a few weeks ago.

Where is the link to them-that link takes you to entertainment -asda direct haven''t got them ???

No lamps at all i can see on there !?

if you go to asda direct then search for table lamps they will then come up.they in chocolate at £3.00 a set

It's hard to decide whether it's hot or not without knowing what they look like... Is that the same model as those?
(I followed cheryl.smith873's directions)

Thanks got a pair today for £3 - blue coloured.

They had pink/cream/choco ones too at £7 but I think they are all £3, they just haven't
updated the labels. Lovely for £1.50 each bargain.
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