2 x Vintage Flock Cushion (Black) £3.98 @ Argos (Glitch?)

2 x Vintage Flock Cushion (Black) £3.98 @ Argos (Glitch?)

Found 7th Jul 2010
Was nosing through the Argos clearance and saw this item have an additional special offer of buy 2 & save £5 although the single price is only £2.99 down from £9.99.

When you add 2 it seems to (randomly) subtract an additional £2 for your trouble. Don't know if this is a glitch or an intended % of the original £5 off special offer.

Either way, it's £20 worth of cushions for £3.98..

The additional discount is listed as "Includes special offer saving: £2.00" when 2 are added.


oooohh yeah it worked for me too, i have the wall paper of this pattern in pink so these will go perfect. Thanks. xx

Well spotted, annoyingly there is only 1 in stock in my local Argos !!

I have checked 4 other stores and each only have 1 strangely !

Reserved last 2 at local, hope it works! Thanks!

Got 2 at my local as well, will see

Good find - but none near me

None in stock anywhere near me. Be careful mind, wouldnt make a special journey, just because its that price on-line tonight, dosent mean it will be that price when you collect tomorrow!

HHmmmm....oddly only 1 left at my local store too

Checked 10 stores and none in stock

thanks, just reserved last 2

great worked for me, thanks. Just reseved 2 -

I reserved four for a friend to pick up for me this morning and they said instead of the £7.98 (would have been £11.96) they were only charged £1.96 and the receipt said "Price £11.96, you have saved £10 today." Four cushions for under £2, don't know if it's another glitch or not, but I'm not complaining!

^^^ yep, just got two cushions for a quid:--D

Many thanks

Was this on self serve or cashier? ^^^^ Great deal! Getting mine tommorow.

^^^ It may work on self-service but my other half got two cushions for 98p using the cashier. HTH

Original Poster

Any reason this is expired? Still several left in my local store and it seems a better deal than I first thought!!!

i got 2 for 98p too. I went to the automated machine first and it came up as £5.98 so I went to the cashier to question it and it came up at 98p. He said the automated till was on a separate system. Red Hot from me

Got mine for 98p today! Unexpire!! Thankyou
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