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2 X Makita BL1850B 18V 5Ah LXT Li-ion Genuine Makstar Battery's £110.67 with code @ FFX

£110.67£1197% off
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Makita BL1850BX2 18v 5Ah Li-ion Genuine Makstar Battery 2pk

The Makita BL1850BX2 18V 5Ah LXT Li-ion Genuine Makstar Battery 2pk. This set is ideal for professionals and DIYers alike. The demanding applications you take on every day are also demanding on your cordless tools and batteries. You rely on your tools, so Makita created STAR Protection Computer Controls™. STAR Protection is communication technology that allows the tool and battery to monitor conditions and exchange data in real time to protect against Overloading,Over-Discharging and Over-heating. Look for Makita tools and batteries with the STAR and get these protection features. High-drain applications require maximum battery power. Makita tools and batteries are engineered for industrial applications, but sustained peak demand can overload the tool. Makita’s STAR Protection Computer Controls™ allow the battery and tool to communicate and protect your tool and battery from overload by cutting power when put under abnormally high current draw.

Lithium-ion batteries are engineered for longer, sustained performance. But running a battery until it’s empty can damage the cells. Makita STAR Protection Computer Controls™ monitor battery charge capacity, and if the battery is too low to complete the application it will cut power in order to extend battery life. Extreme heat is the enemy of ALL batteries. It can make batteries charge slower, damage battery cells, and reduce battery life. Makita STAR Protection Computer Controls™ monitor battery heat during operation. If the battery reaches a certain level of heat it will cut power to the tool. This product comes as two Mkaita BL1850B 18V 5Ah Li-ion Batteries.

Product Highlights:
STAR Protection Computer Controls™
430% More Working Capacity
Overheating Protection

Features and Benefits:

The Li-ion range delivers 430% more working capacity during it's lifetime compared to Ni-Cad and is 40% Lighter than Ni-MH.
The Li-ion has minimal depletion of power during use or in storage over it's lifetime.
45 minute charge time.
Same weight as 3Ah battery.
Works with your current Li-ion Chargers.
Longer run time and battery life.
STAR Protection Computer Controls™
Low self-discharge
Energy storage capacity for long run times
With overload, over discharge and overheating protection

Technical Specification:

Ampage - 5Ah
Battery Type - Li-ion
Voltage - 18V

Supplied With:

2 x BL1850 5Ah Batteries
FFX More details at FFX
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    Really good price for these! This is going hot!

    Edit: too good to be true? link takes you to single not twin pack. twin pack is visable but cant actually go to it, im guessing they have taken it down? (edited)
    Have been trying myself just went on and finally let me on the 2pack 🏻
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    I recently got a 6ah compatabile off ebay for £18. Works well for me as an occasional DIY'er. Time will tell how long it lasts but I've had the 4ah version for 18 months no issues,
    I've used these cheepos in the past. One caution.....used in a power hungry tool the circuit breaker stops working and in continuous charge gets so hot, before it fails, one can light ciggies from the battery casing......
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    Good deal..........Makita my Fave brand........couple with their fast 22min charger.....perfection......blows Dewalt at this price out the water and we use both manufactueres commercially........Bosch Pro equal best.N.B. 22min charge is for 3Ah batteries....5AH add 20 mins average.... (edited)
  4. Avatar
    £120 for me 🤷‍♂️
    Did you apply the voucher?
  5. Avatar
    Purchased. Close to the £10/ah so not a bad deal, includes free next day postage too.
  6. Avatar
    Been looking for a while, hot deal. Ordered, thx !