2 Year Discount Special Fee Free* Mortgage from HSBC for First Time Buyers

2 Year Discount Special Fee Free* Mortgage from HSBC for First Time Buyers

Found 20th May 2010
Key features and benefits:

* A discount mortgage is a variable rate mortgage that offers an interest rate that is a discount off the HSBC Variable Rate for an agreed period (e.g. 2 years)
* With a discount mortgage, your monthly payments will go up and down as the HSBC Variable Rate rises and falls
* An early repayment charge applies during the discount rate period

This mortgage is only available to the following types of buyer. First time buyer, Moving house and Remortgaging
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HSBC's variable rate is a poor rate of interest at the moment.
Cold as Ice

shop around muct better rates around then this,

Any recommendations? Im seriously looking, and I suck at this stuff.
looks pretty good for an 80% LTV product!
go to following link

click on 'compare mortgages'

and fill in details (to check 90% LTV for example just put in purchase price @ 100,000 and amount you want to borrow at 90,000)

then sort results by initial rate


then you need to click on 'other details' tab to see if its restricted availability

for example best 90% LTV on a fixed rate seems to be

chorley & district building society @ 5.25%

post office @ 5.45%

theres other ones cheaper but they seem to be restricted availability so you need need to click through to see what the conditions are - for example on 90% LTV they might be having someone as a guarantor

the best tracker seems to be from C&G - note stepped tracker at 0.49%
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