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Posted 3 September 2022

2 Year Fixed Rate Bond - 3.00% AER @ Nationwide

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

3.00% AER/gross p.a. (fixed)

Interest rates rising again on 14th September. 4 and 5% coming. For anyone who can't wait and want a reliable lender - Nationwide are becoming competitive.
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    Misleading to say 'want a reliable lender'. They're not lending anything, this is a savings rate, not a mortgage (edited)
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    2 year on 3% right now is pointless, rates will continue up for the remainder of the year, best to go with a 1 year fix max
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    Got excited for a sec.....thought it was a mortgage rate !
    Excited at 3%? What are they now!? I think I may be glad I'm on a fix?
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    Good to read OP thanks; but they dilly dallied aound too long to my mind, so I moved my money from their 0.4% rate to Chase. Now will wait and see what happens over the next few weeks or so!
    Dump Chase savings and go with Al Ryan 2.1% easy access, 20K withdrawal limit per day.
    They also increase rates when market changes.
    I have awaiting Jan or Feb to fix for 5 years at I hope 4-5%, Annual payout.
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    Madness to fix at 3% for 2 years.

    Take a shorter term fix if you have to
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    lmao what?
    Don't give out bad advice. Fixing for 5 years would probably be best as rates are going to keep going up.
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    Have to agree with fellow members madness to take 2 year fixed rate, 1 year if your tempted but rates are only going one way and that’s up.
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    One year fixed Bonds that were around 2.6% a couple of months ago in July are now 3.3%. The rates really are shooting up quite quickly. 3% will not look good in 2 years.
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    You can see into the future?
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    I am super confused. This is bond, right?
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    With the £ at record generation lows interest rates could easily be 6-7% at the end of next year.
    In other countries governments have capped energy prices keeping inflation lower. In the UK we are giving people payments direct into their bank account which does not count to lower inflation.
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    Nationwide also has 1.75% easy access (3 withdrawals a year). Moved Chase savings.. mostly because already their customer and didn't need to open a new account.
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    I got a savings account with Nationwide 6 months ago at 3%. As others have said fixing now is rushing in. Wait a little as rates are only going to go one way
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    Tandem Bank 1 year fix at 3.3% is better