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2 year Surfshark VPN starter pack + 3 months free + 90% TopCashback - £45.63 || Surfshark One - £59.13 + 90% TopCashback

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Now with 3 months extra free.
Premium Topcashback offers 90% cashback too.
If u select different country. Like Jersey, then u don't pay VAT
Use different email address for your account and it will class as new customer.

SurfShark VPN More details at
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  1. Spongepad's avatar
    voted hot. though TCB only offered 75% for me - is it because you mentioned TCB premium (another subscription lol). Thanks OP this came just when I needed it.
    mensy07's avatar
    Premium is not a subscription its when you they take £5 a year out of your cashback if you have earned that much. This then makes you premium and get higher cashback rates
  2. Maureen736's avatar
    Whereabouts on page do you change your country, I have looked everywhere and can't find it. Do you find it on the app or on website?
    TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    On the Checkout page. There is an arrow at the bottom labelled "Order Summary". Very subtle (edited)
  3. whorlow's avatar
    Do you need to use the same different email address for your topcashback account too? I have used topcashback for surfshark before. BTW its a brilliant vpn service.
    sajidtg's avatar
    Topcashback email should be the same.
    Just login to TopCashback as normal, follow the link from there to Surfshark and make purchase using new email address.
  4. freddyfender's avatar
    Yeah great VPN...if you know someone who has it you can be added for a tenner ...just don't log out ...least you used to be able to ..pretty sure it's a one off payment of a tenner as well

    Some kind dude on another forum let me piggy back onto his
    amazonboy's avatar
    They just need to put in the log in code... No tenner required. Unlimited sign ins from 1 account. My whole family uses my subscription.
  5. SudarshanaVinod's avatar
    Does anyone know if purchasing this adds the additional months on top of my current subscription? I currently have 200 days or so left.
    Arch12345's avatar
    No it says new customers only. I'm in same boat, my current deal ends in November. I've been very impressed with surfshark.
  6. Sendero's avatar
    I installed the app on my fire stick and tried to use it to unblock geo restriction on a stream app and it did not work. Windscribe however has been working fine. So an issue with surfshark it guess
    duggie1982's avatar
    I got a good deal with Windscribe on here a few weeks ago, only thing it’s missing is an Apple TV app, can do a workaround by using another app with Windscribe but it’s an extra £17 a year.
  7. GOHOHO9O's avatar
    Not nearly as good as Nord in my experience
    FragileBoris's avatar
    Nord own surfshark!
  8. valuehunter2021's avatar
    the 90% TCB has ended now
  9. BondF's avatar
    What is different between starter and one?should u use it all the time?
    I use the secure wifi from samsung when using public wifi for transactions.
  10. deathstar007's avatar
    Heat!! Great VPN, works perfect. Been with them around 3yrs now (edited)
  11. YerDaSellsAvon_'s avatar
    Showing as 1.99 a month for the starter pack for 24 months for me. Weird
    mensy07's avatar
    Same for me
  12. Peter_Maguire's avatar
    For anyone looking to skip the vat, by method mentioned above, dont be silly like me and pay through paypal as it doesn't have a summary page it straight up pays after login, still happy to pay vat as it's a good product but i would have prefered to lie and save the few percent from hrmc
  13. c0nsumer's avatar
    Browsing this thread while connected to Surfshark
  14. Danny_Alasfar's avatar
    Hi, so after the 90% TCB is Starter effectively ~£5 for two years??
    phda's avatar
  15. etcuk's avatar
    Fine for some streaming and geoblocking just don't expect it to be any good for privacy also well known that their killswitch doesn't work properly.
    scrubber's avatar
    I have it and found that when connected to the UK or anywhere else, I can't access my Ionos email and other sites - a real nuisance to need to remember to switch it off when updating emails.
  16. akin's avatar
    For some reason, I am getting 42% cashback with Topcashback plus.
  17. Loner's avatar
    You are lucky my Topcashback only says 34%
  18. popdeals's avatar
    Has anybody else managed to get the 90% TCB on premium before I sign up for it? I'm getting 42% TCB standard
    Also the extra 3 months on surfshark isn't appearing on mine (edited)
    DipeshP's avatar
    Yes, I got £46.94 tracked. Using Jersey location £53.73 cost.
  19. alan646's avatar
    Surprised to read some of the positive reviews on here for this. I've found it to be pretty terrible. Previously used Nord and StrongVPN for about 5 years each. Both were considerably better than my experience of SurfShark over the last two years.
    whorlow's avatar
    My initial experience was poor with surfshark. However the updates through the 2 years have seen a considerable improvement. I do rate it.
  20. lovefreebies's avatar
    I can only see 34% ! not premium member.
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