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2 Years NordVPN Subscription + 3 months free + 100% TopCashback - £78.03| OR Plus Subscription + 3 months free For £99.63

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100% TopCashback on offer
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Changing location to outside UK will save you on VAT charge

NordVPN More details at
NordVPN has currently 3 days free of Atlas VPN Premium, the referrer gets 7 days free campaign, if you want to use it you can do so from this .
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  1. h0m3brew3r's avatar
    Can get this for free with revolut premium for £80 annually. Just thought I'd mention if you do FX etc (edited)
  2. AVN37's avatar
    Can any TCB experts offer advice on how long they think this promotion will stay up? My current membership shared with a mate (on his email address) expires only in July...
    TopCashbackRep's avatar
    Hey there,

    To answer your question, this offer is live until midnight May 20 2024.

    - Raymond
  3. snappokerman888's avatar
    i am existing NVPN customer. Sub ends August. Is this deal for new customer only? Any knows. Cheers
    rh_hassan's avatar
    yes, for new customer's only, just make a new email and purchase..
  4. half_empty_soul_'s avatar
    non premium member is 85% cashback
    Henry_KwanhEF's avatar
    Join premium member only £5 to get 100% cash back
  5. letsgettaco_'s avatar
    If anyone wants to know, F1TV Pro is currently working via this VPN.

    I set the USA as my location within the app.

    Then created a new F1TV account with my location as the USA.

    The payment option screen shows the price in pounds at £6.99 per month. I would pay monthly, just in case the VPN servers get banned again.
  6. hukguy's avatar
    Remember it's 100% cashback on price excluding VAT, so you won't get cashback on VAT you pay. (edited)
  7. iscom's avatar
    i been using F-Secure Freedom for a few years using up to 5 devices for under £14 a year
  8. ire7's avatar
    Never used Nord but just got Surfshark for another 2 years for about £45 after getting it for 3 years on the cheap. Speeds have always been great and very reliable for what I use it for. Is there a reason why this deal is so hot when that VPN is available also? Not trolling, just genuinely curious
    ec9wrr's avatar
    It's hot because it's 100% cashback. So it's £45 cheaper than your Surfshark if you're in a non VAT country. Around £30 cheaper if you're in the UK and paying VAT.

    Both good VPNs.
  9. purplebottle's avatar
    heat! thanks
  10. ShazBr's avatar
    It's early and I'm confusing myself. I had this a few years ago on a similar offer, so to get the cashback now, do I need to
    1. Use a different email
    2. Open a new TCB account with this email
    3. Use a Jersey/Guernsey address or put an American post code?
    bryanryan's avatar
    You shouldn’t have to open a new TCB account. Steps 1&3 should be enough
  11. Mkas's avatar
    Am I right that in theory it will be completely for free?
    clait's avatar
    Yeah I’m also confused I already have a PIA subscription but how can one say no to free?
  12. Wadadli_Cooler's avatar
    Good timing, my VPN exprires next month.
  13. Hustler1337's avatar
    Thanks OP, cashback tracked at £72.92 for £86.13 purchase, so not fully 100% it seems.
    ZedTaj's avatar
    Does it track straight away or takes some time to show?
  14. wheres_it's avatar
    trying to upgrade to premium membership to get the 100% but just getting this error page every time i click a link for ‘membership details’ or ‘upgrade’

    anyone else getting the same or just me?

    TopCashbackRep's avatar
    Hey there,

    Can you DM us with your username so that our team can investigate this for you?

    - Raymond
  15. TheMax89's avatar
    Can i get %100 cashback if i buy ultimate plan. (İt is a 140£ for 2 years)
  16. mensy07's avatar
    Nord vpn any good ?
  17. Lordmonkeyboy's avatar
    So if I purchase in the uk I will have to pay vat and not get it back? (edited)
  18. SnoopZ's avatar
    This is a great VPN, when I was looking to get F1 TV Pro which isn't available in the UK(thanks Sky) after testing several this is the only one that worked, just signup and pay via Google play store or Apple then the payment method is accepted without having to input your address.

    Edit - beaten by letsgettaco_ (edited)
    duffinjonathan's avatar
    Guessing it uses your address registered on Google play store or Apple pay no? So did you not have to pay tax?
  19. CraigeDavido's avatar
    Great VPN for speeds, it's just like using my normal Internet speeds, on loads of different servers throughout the world. Been using it it for a months. First time using it. I've used a few paid ones like express VPN etc
  20. khxt's avatar
    Has anyone's tracked yet? If so, how long did it take?
    ec9wrr's avatar
    Yes, within around 2 hours.
  21. hello's avatar
    I subscribed for the nordplus plan as a new customer through TCB @£103, and I just received a notification of £72.69 cashback pending. Shouldn't have got back £86 after tax deduction?
    RomanTrabant's avatar
    Yes - you need to raise a claim through "tracked incorrectly".
    You'll need transaction id from nordvpn chat and invoice id which you'll need to generate in payments/invoices. That was the advice from HotUKDeals rep who was very helpful. (edited)
  22. Mkas's avatar
    Do I need to use vpn on france to get 100% cashback without excluded tax?
  23. marra's avatar
    Showing as 42% TCB for me now.
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