20 assorted doyleys for 20p, instore only.

20 assorted doyleys for 20p, instore only.

Found 6th Oct 2008

I've just got myself a packet of 20 assorted doyleys from asda. It's got 4 different sizes in a pack, and 5 of each. At 20p, I think its a good deal. My first post on e deal, so hope that helps!


do people still use these things?


that's my Nan's Xmas present sorted LOL

these are great for kids especially at xmas - fairy wings, snowflakes etc etc. so have some heat
from me!!:santa:

come on then - whats the best use you can think of for a doyley?!!

great for kids
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I bake my own birthday cakes for others, So i use these to make it look more presentable.

btw were these on the normal shelves, or in the reduced section? Which section were they in? Thanks

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It was on the normal shelves, together with all the party plates and utensils.
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