20 Black Ballpoint Pens £0.56 @ Sainsburys

20 Black Ballpoint Pens £0.56 @ Sainsburys

Found 19th Sep 2010
20 Sainsbury's Own Brand Basics Ballpoint Pens bought instore at Sainsbury's Hayes West London

works out at 2.8p each pen - not bad
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I know these are cheap but they are a false economy. I've bought them before and half them don't write, and the ones that do are very scratchy.
OK guys.....given that I posted this deal and had bought these pens, in order to just to check if the above two comments were valid (at least in relation to my batch), I thought I would check them and feedback what I thought. I have now opened the entire bag and, risking having my mental credibility questioned, have used every one of the 20 biro pens over the last few mins to test them.

This was done by randomly moving the pen around on paper as well as signing my signature 20 times (most watching members of my family thought I appeared rather insane but on the upside my niece now things I'm rather cool though)!

I can confirm that:
- Every pen works fully
- Ink was full black and flowing in every case
- There seems to be a full tube of ink left in each biro
- Pen didn't feel like a Mont Blanc pen but it did seem like a decent 20p biro (not to mention a 2.8p one)
- I was happy

Not questioning that any others have had specific issues with a batch (I would return them and swap them if you as these worked perfectly).

Of course I don't know how things will remain and not saying this was very scientific a test but at this price I'm very content.

Hope this helps someone out there.

Best wishes
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why buy a pen when you can swipe som1 else's?
I've never had a problem either with these cheap pens from Sainsburys
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