(£20 cashback) Halifax Clarity Credit Card No Fees Worldwide!

(£20 cashback) Halifax Clarity Credit Card No Fees Worldwide!

Found 13th Jun 2017
It's been posted before but you have to 3rd sept to apply and get £20 cashback so could get paid to go on holiday this year! Have to order something abroad! But this can be done from the UK i.e book a hotel in foreign currency. Great card for abroad.

From mse
The Halifax Clarity has been one of our top picks for years due to its great feedback, low rates and no fees on spending or withdrawing cash abroad. It's a Mastercard too, which pushes it ahead of cards - including Barclaycard below - from other issuers with lower interest rates.

Apply by 3 Sep 2017 and you'll get £20 cashback after making your first purchase abroad on the card by 30 Sep 2017. The cashback will be credited to your card account within 90 days.

There's no fee for cash withdrawals, yet you'll be charged interest at 18.9% representative APR even if you pay it off in full. So it works out at about £1.50/month for each £100 withdrawn (if you get this APR).
You can minimise this cost: you're only charged interest until you've fully repaid the balance, so if you pay off the withdrawal amount as soon as you can (via internet banking while abroad, or when you get home) you can minimise interest.
You don't get charged interest on spending abroad, provided you pay this off in full by the date shown on your statement.
The rate you'll get is set by Mastercard, which you can check here – it tends to be higher than Visa's & Amex's rate, making this (along with Creation above) the joint top card for spending.
This rate is only for the Clarity credit card, not Halifax's own travel money bureau, which generally offers lower exchange rates.
You can get the Clarity credit card even if you already have a Halifax credit card.
Some poorer credit scorers will get 21.9% or 25.9% APR, which will make cash withdrawal interest more expensive.
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So if i buy lets say bus ticket from the machine abroad will i automatically qualify or do i need to activate this offer somehow first? Are there any rules like for example minimum amount of money you need to spend?
Always use this card when I go away. Find it easier to withdraw from an ATM while away than making a trip to the Bureau de Change and then carrying loads of cash around on holiday.


How much other credit have you open? Did you do pre-check?
Excellent card for travelling abroad with.
Being charged interests even though I pay in full on time?

Being charged interests even though I pay in full on time?

Must be cash your taking out
JJMPSP13th Jun


I have been trying to get a Halifax card for the past 5 years so it would be a single account login for me. I have 10 year old URCA account, savings account, have mortgage with them for past 3 years, yet each time I apply, I get turned down. After being rejected just now, I applied for Tesco 24 month 0% BT card and got approved £14,700 credit. I am quite surprised cos my credit check is "Fair" on Experian.
can this be used to buy stuff on amazon italy
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