20% discount on pre-visit orders of the Disney PhotoPass CD
20% discount on pre-visit orders of the Disney PhotoPass CD

20% discount on pre-visit orders of the Disney PhotoPass CD

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OK, an odd one, for those lucky enough to be visiting Disney this year.. Hit the link to get a site that allows you to pre-order your Disney CD for $99.95. That's 20% less than usual. This is the system they use throughout their Florida theme parks (epcot, studios, animal kingdom and magic kingdom).

For those not familiar, there are photographers placed all over the parks ready to take photos of you and your family. You give them your pass and they take the photo. You can then view the photos on the website.

Probably best to just let you read about it yourself at disneyphotopass.com and stitchkingdom.com/dis…ss/

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Two other nice features - first, it includes shipping as far as I can tell- that's a saving of another $17. Second, if you decide you don't like the results on your photopasses, you can get a refund within two weeks of returning from your holiday.

Can't say fairer than that, can you?


Sounds really good - have you used this before? - We're going to Florida at the end of the year so might be worth buying.
Although my sons are quite young and so probablt won't sit for photo's lol

We used this service last year 10 of us went, over 200 photos ordered on the cd when we got back. no need to carry around your own expensive cameras they even take them at the waterparks, great angles great photos and when you get back you even have the option to edit photos before ordering. they also give you the copyright release so you can print them anywhere.

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We actually bought the photo book last year (cost about £50 iirc). It really is a great product, well worth it for our first family visit. They use Nikon D70 and Nikon D80 cameras @ 6 mega pixel, so you can do pretty much what you like with the photos.
As for posing - yes, that's a bit of a problem for some kids, but lets face it, they'll probably be overawed by the characters at least a few times so you should get a few good shots. You can also pose in front of things like the castle, main street, and other locations - there are disney photographers everywhere.
Incidentally - it's mentioned elsewhere, but the photo people are also very helpful - they'll even take a photo with your camera if you ask. I found it more straightforward to simply give them the card though. One of the many great features of Disney in Florida.

This sounds great... I bought individual pictures last time I was there... and it cost me a fortune.

Went New Year 2007/8 and used this service its absolutely brill - basically there are loads of photographers around, all dressed in traditional photographic wear and all you have to do is stand for a few seconds for the click and then pass over your photo pass card.They swipe it and hey presto job done. The thing is they always know how to position you with decent backgrounds and they are fast and efficient. My tip is get as many photos taken as you can and you really can get your money s worth we had over 400 and so many fab photos to choose from to make a fantastic album

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Another dd tip with this - if you get the CD, you can go back to the site, upload them and get the $20 cheaper photobook as you don't use the photopass photos (or at least doesn't realise it is using them!)
Now, who knows a cheap place to get park tickets? Best I've seen so far is $220/$184 (adult/child) for a 7 day pass.

Just been to Florida and used this service. It's pretty good, but be advised that not all the photographers are professionals, some of the ride pictures are now available to add, but you have to insert your card in a machine at the ride exit, inside a certain time limit (was available on Test Track, but they are expanding it) and if you have access to the net while you are there, you can log on to the website and view your photos.
You can also add borders and logo's etc that are all exclusively online (you cannot add these after to your cd). So i would recommend adding borders and logo's as you go along (something to do in the evenings) it will then save your original picture and your modified picture to your exclusive Photopass number.

Then when at the end of your holiday you go to get the cd (main gate of magic kingdom) yor disc will contain all the pictures including your additions (with borders and logos), if i had known about this, it would have been great, but it was still worth the money.

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Just discovered that this is a slightly better saving again - they've included the international shipping for free - So it's normally $125 for the CD and $17 for postage. With this offer it's $100 for the whole thing.

This means that you can get all your photos sorted into the photopass account (you can use as many photopass cards as you like), and when you get home, add all the borders and stuff you want before ordering it to be delivered to your home. No need to waste valuable holiday time editing photos
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