£20 free no deposit @ Foxy Bingo - starting Monday!

£20 free no deposit @ Foxy Bingo - starting Monday!

Found 15th May 2009
Heads up post: from Monday Foxy Bingo is offering £20 free no deposit required to all new customers! Please gamble responsibly. Thank you.
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voted hot
I guess the £20 will never be refundable,might be better to save your new membership for when they join quidco.(im sure they will)
Still hot deal if you feel lucky
thanks for the info worth a try xx
Have some heat.

I guess the £20 will never be refundable,might be better to save your new … I guess the £20 will never be refundable,might be better to save your new membership for when they join quidco.(im sure they will) Still hot deal if you feel lucky

You can sign up as a new member with a different card I think?
:):)just join in yer hubbys name if you already got a acc but you will have to fund if you win to withdraw probs :roll:
Tragic in every way.

Tragic in every way.


Tragic in every way.

Some would say the same about those who drink.
They give you £20 for free but if you win you cant withdraw any winnings until you have deposited and gambled the deposited amount.... At least thats how most of them work...
You will have to deposit some cash to withdraw any winnings.

Terms and Conditions
Free Bingo Terms and Conditions

1. These terms and conditions are in addition to the General Terms and Conditions and our General Promotions Terms and Conditions. They relate to your participation in the free bingo games promoted on this website in our "Free For All" room.

2. Whilst we describe the free bingo games promoted as free we do require you to register with us and to be responsible for the associated cost of using the Internet when participating.

3. We use the words "free bingo" in the sense that you do not need to deposit money with us to purchase a bingo card and participate.

4. If you win in the "Free For All" room you may redeem your winnings for cash by providing us with your debit/credit card details, provided you have a minimum amount of £30 in your account and have previously funded your account with a cash deposit of at least £5. The minimum £5 cash deposit can then be withdrawn along with any cash prize.

5. It takes up to 8 working days to process a withdrawal. We process all withdrawal transactions 2 working days after your request. Your bank or credit card company may take up to 6 working days from then to complete the process.

6. We reserve the right to withdraw this promotion at any time.

7. These terms and conditions are subject to and additional to the General Terms and Conditions and theGeneral Promotion Terms and Conditions.
So if you sign up for this and win £10 with it (bringing account to £30) you can just deposit £5 and withdraw the lot?

So if you sign up for this and win £10 with it (bringing account to £30) y … So if you sign up for this and win £10 with it (bringing account to £30) you can just deposit £5 and withdraw the lot?

the £20 is a bonus or whatever so you will never be able to withdraw it im sure of that
Another bingo deal. This and the mirror bingo one. Looks like its going to be a bingo week!

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I posted the following on MSE over a year ago - as far as I know the same rules apply although I think they've clamped down a bit on how many accounts you can have. The principle is the same though - play with free credit to win, then do what's required to withdraw those winnings. Perhaps this will be of help to someone...

[FONT=Arial][COLOR=magenta]How To Play Free Bingo:[/COLOR][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][COLOR=magenta]Go to each Cash-cade site and find the link on the page which says ‘Free £5/10/20 no deposit’ - occasionally the amount that it says you get differs from what you actually get. Personally I just take whatever they give me, as I think it's best not to attract any attention to my account in any way![/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Arial][COLOR=magenta]Register for the site using your real details – whatever card you register is the one that any winnings will get paid to, but you will have to make a small deposit first so make sure you’ve got available money on that card beforehand. If you use a credit card rather than debit card, there's a chance your winnings will be paid by cheque rather than card refund so make sure your address is correct! A few credit cards don't allow, or charge fees for gambling transactions, which this technically is in their eyes, so check with your card issuer if in any doubt.[/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Arial][COLOR=magenta]Use a different user name each time – pick something totally random rather than very similar names each time as all these sites use the same bingo room and you don’t want to attract attention to yourself. [/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Arial][COLOR=magenta]Play bingo! You can use any method – the less players in a game obviously the more chance you have of winning, but these games often have smaller prizes or higher entry stakes. In 75 ball you play only for one prize, in 90 ball you play one line, 2 lines then house so a greater chance of winning but smaller prizes. There's no proven method to winning, different people do it different ways. And remember there's no guarantee you'll win anything unfortunately...this could all be a complete waste of time![/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Arial][COLOR=magenta]The 75 ball usually has a pattern at the top middle of the screen that you have to try and make – when the numbers in the pattern are called they turn yellow and it’s all the yellows you need – reds don’t count. But apart from buying tickets it does it all for you, you don’t need to dab at the numbers or claim or do anything at all. [/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Arial][COLOR=magenta]To buy your tickets, click on the actual ticket and use the arrows above the ticket display to move between the pages of tickets. You can buy up to 24 tickets per game.[/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Arial][COLOR=magenta]Enjoy the inane chat at the right hand side! But NEVER mention MSE/DFW, bonus bagging or the fact you're doing this loads on different sites just for the free play. Most normal people turn the chat window off altogether![/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Arial][COLOR=magenta]IF YOU WIN, STOP PLAYING IMMEDIATELY AT THE END OF THAT GAME! When the game finishes, whether or not you have any money left in your bingo account, click on the ‘BANKING’ tab at the top of the screen.[/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Arial][COLOR=magenta]READ CAREFULLY: There are certain rules about withdrawing your winnings which must be followed carefully - this is where most people come unstuck: You can only withdraw if you have £30 or more to take out, and you MUST make a deposit before you’re allowed to make a withdrawal. So, if you’ve won £26, you make a deposit of £5 and then withdraw £31. If you won £9, make a deposit of £20, then another of £5 (you can only do set multiples of £5 according to the buttons on the screen), then withdraw £34. It often tells you to wait a minute between making quick deposits like that in succession. You can withdraw the total of your winnings, plus the amounts you’ve deposited, but you can’t take out the bonus that you were given to play with. If you’ve made a larger deposit (£10 or more) it may warn you that you’ll lose a bonus if you withdraw – ignore that and withdraw anyway.[/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Arial][COLOR=magenta]Once you’ve confirmed your deposit and withdrawal, you can return to the bingo and any of your initial sign-up free bonus will still be there to play with.[/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Arial][COLOR=magenta]If you happen to win again, rather than having to deposit and withdraw again, you can just click on ‘reverse’ and reverse the previous withdrawal, and add the new winnings to the total and draw the whole lot out together.[/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=1][COLOR=magenta]Example: You were awarded £10 free play on sign-up. After playing £6 of this, you won £8.50. Your balance becomes £12.50 (the remaining £4 of free play money plus the £8.50 winnings). Go to the banking window and deposit £25 - you need to do this in 2 transactions (a £20 and a £5) due to the fixed amounts they allow. Your balance is now £37.50 (the £12.50 plus your £25 deposit) - but they'll probably give a deposit bonus of £20 or so as well, WHICH YOU MUST TOTALLY IGNORE! You then withdraw £33.50, which is equal to the £25 you deposited, plus the £8.50 that you won, therefore the £8.50 profit that you've made by winning. Your balance will then be £4 again, which you can go back and play again with after your withdrawal has been confirmed. You're then lucky enough to win again on your very last card, this time winning £22.50. Back to the banking window, but this time as you have previously made a deposit and withdrawal you don't have to do all that again. This time, click on 'deposit', and then 'reverse transaction'. You can then select to withdraw the whole amount of £56, i.e. the £33.50 that you were withdrawing previously, plus the £22.50 that you've won since then. And if it hadn't been the last card and you had any free play credit left, you can continue to play through that - if you're seriously lucky and win a third time, you can reverse and withdraw again![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Arial][COLOR=magenta]Always remember that the whole point of playing is to win from the free money – never be tempted to deposit any of your own cash as it’s a guaranteed loser![/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Arial][COLOR=magenta]As far as we have all found out so far, you can sign up for as many people in the house as you want, so partners etc can have a go too. Some people have also gone round a 3rd and 4th time in their own name using different bank cards, but the sites do say that this isn't allowed.[/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Arial][COLOR=magenta]Good luck![/COLOR][/FONT]
very cool .. no quidco though :-(

oh can quidco members please take a look at my 'quidco song video' for their comp and
you you feel like it , vote for mine :-)


how can anything which encourages people to gamble, be a hot deal?

how can anything which encourages people to gamble, be a hot deal?

Did you not read the post above?:thinking:
Not gambling, free cash!

how can anything which encourages people to gamble, be a hot deal?

Everything in life is a gamble. I'm sure people can make their own decisions and as long as people are sensible then there is absolutely nothing wrong with gambling. I only put the odd fiver here and there on footy and boxing etc and win fairly often. People like you are turning this country into some sort of sad nanny state. And people like you are probably voting Stella Artois deals from tesco hot. Deals where you get some stupid amout of beer for nothing, then drink it doubly as fast and go round acting like the sort of d***s I see most weekends.......anyway each to their own...
dont work you have to deposit at least ten pounds unless your all on somewhere else
Worked for me.

I got £15 free with no deposit. The 1st 3 games I played, I won. 2 full houses (1 shared) and 1 line.

This made my balance around the £50 mark. I deposited £5 which let me withdraw £32.76.

£27 free money!
Cool, worked for me, obviously took a while before the offer appeared on their website.

Just hope they live up to the deal as they now owe me £35 (I put £25 of that in).
Page not secure where you enter your card details :?
God damn I did not notice that! How very very foolish of me.... I vote this should be expired to prevent too much damage if they are a scam....
uh oh better not be a scam or we dead!
Real site but just a heads up
foxy bingos a real site been on the tv a few times
Not sure if this is just me but I deposited £15 in order to withdraw my £18 of winnings... It seems that both transactions have since been cancelled by Foxy Bingo. I guess its no loss on my part since I didnt lose a penny, but just thought I would say it anyway.
I won £35 from this. Just waiting for it to be put into my bank now
i won £30, had to deposit £5 to withdraw so £25 up :thumbsup:
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