20 Minute Meals - Jamie Oliver iPhone app - almost half price, now £2.99
20 Minute Meals - Jamie Oliver iPhone app - almost half price, now £2.99

20 Minute Meals - Jamie Oliver iPhone app - almost half price, now £2.99

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Personally, my favourite and most used app I own. I bought it the last time it was on offer at this price and am so glad I did - just wanted to reccomend and share it on here while others still have the chance to do the same!

Nearly all the reviews on the net and on the appstore are in the 4-5* range. I'll include a review I found below to give you some kind of idea what the app is about.


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Taken from ipodrepublic.com/thi…1/:

"Now there is not a lack of of recipe and cooking applications in the iTunes App Store, but in my opinion there has been a lack of quality cooking applications, that is until now as the first app from “the naked chef” himself, Jamie Oliver, takes the iPhone cooking world by storm.

Jamie’s 20 minute meals app is the first iPhone application from the popular UK tv chef and restaurant owner Jamie Oliver, and it is quite clear that a lot of thought and hard work has gone behind the preparation and building of this application as it is packed with great features, such as video material, and a very functional and easy to follow recipe navigation.

Jamie Oliver 20 Minute Meal app for iPhone

The thought behind the 20 minute meals app is simple but tasty dishes that everyone can make at home in, you guessed it, 20 minutes. The app comes with 50 new recipies from some of Jamie’s favourite dishes, with each one broken down into an easy to follow cooking navigation, and even with a ready made shopping list for each dish.

There is about an hour and a half of video content where Jamie Oliver gives you tips and pointers on anything from kitchen skills to sharpening a knife. Each recipie comes with a set of useful video tutorials that is relevant for the dish, such as how to choose the best fish or how to safely secure your chopping board before starting to cut onions.

Jamie Oliver 20 Minute Meal app for iPhoneJamie Oliver 20 Minute Meal app for iPhone

I’m no whizz in the kitchen myself, but found the Jamie 20 Minute Meal App on my iPhone to be a great help, both in preparing to buy the right ingredients for my chosen dish as well as following the well illustrated step by step cooking guide for the dish.

Although the app is already one of the better ones at the iTunes App Store, there is room for improvements, including direct shopping list integration with supermarket home delivery services, as well as access to additional content and guides beyond the initial 50 apps and the features of the 20 minute meals app as it currently is.

So if you are looking to impress a certain someone with a homecooked meal, or just want to get some new inspirations in the kitchen, then download the 20 minute meal app for your iPhone and let Jamie Oliver guide you on a culinary digital journey."

So how do you follow a recipe on such a tiny little screen? Esp. when it's a touch screen and you've got hands covered in ingredients. You must spend half your life washing your hands just to scroll to the next cookery instruction!
Sounds like far too much trouble to me. At least with a proper cookbook you just open the page and leave it open on the work surface.

i follow recipies from his forum via my phone (not iphone) with no trouble, I just use the clean end of something as a stylus to scroll down and its fine, you can fit alot of text onto the screen really. Although mostly i read the instructions which are easy to remember and then leave the screen on the ingredients to make sure I use the correct ammount etc... simples

no use to the iphone crowd as its not got a restive screen, but when not using my phone i use my laptop stuck up on the counter which can be harder tbh and is alot less portable, so I fully see why this would be usefull to people and well worth the money, it is cheaper than good food mag which probably has less recipies in it.
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