20% off 2009 bikes @ Cyclesuk
20% off 2009 bikes @ Cyclesuk

20% off 2009 bikes @ Cyclesuk

Cycles UK are starting to sell off some of their 2009 bike models.

This is an excellent chance to buy them as the 2010 bikes are expected to go up by 20% from this years prices and with some bikes having poorer components for the same money due to the cost of components going up and the big increase in popularity.

Pick of the bunch for me is the Specialized Allez and Sirrus range if you can find the sizes.

This is the cheapest place you can buy them with the discount.



Just bought a Trek 7300 from The Bike Factory in Chester - same price as this website - although they knocked 10% off the bike and some accesories so this would actually be more expensive for me - in view that voted cold sorry.

Not sure I trust a bike company called Cycle Suk
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