20% off 3+ bottles of wine, found In-store @ Lidl

20% off 3+ bottles of wine, found In-store @ Lidl

Posted 10th Apr 2017
Receipt proof in image.

Ringing through 3 bottles of different wine at regular price, was surprised to find a 20% off promotion added. Looks to be nationwide: lidl.co.uk/en/…htm

Valid on all wines "from the Wine Cellar crates" until 19/04/17 - Thanks to marlovian for looking into it


Just in case, here are the 3 wines I personally purchased that were valid for the promotion:

Cimarosa Chilean Merlot: lidl.co.uk/en/…351
Merlot, Vin de Pays: lidl.co.uk/en/…331
Cimarosa South African Chenin Blanc: lidl.co.uk/en/…385
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Only wines from the crates

Good detective work!
Not Scotland :((
Not Scotland
last time lidl did this promotion it was SUPPOSED
to be only wine from the crates but it worked on ALL WINE. Might be worth checking.
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hang on I've just seen the 3 wines that the OP has bought and they are NOT wines from wine seller crates. these are standard wines that lidl sell all the time. so I'm guessing ALL wine is included in this.

Not Scotland

That's because the Scots get drunk and post twice!
good find op, heat added
Cheers OP. Heat.
yeah i think it is all wine, got some of their Gavi which is great, that also had 20% off for 3 or more bottles. This offer does not include any sparking wine though
Great promotion, but just as I was getting excited about 20% off my favourite fizz, their Cremant de Bourgogne, I was told "oh, it doesn't apply to sparkling wines". Why on earth not?
Lidl Cimarosa red wine always gives me a headache.
Just got 6 bottles of Reisling which already had £1 off on a shelf offer, asked assistant who said you wont get the 20% offer as well went thro checkout and yes it took off another 20% Bargain for a real nice wine which we usually pay £5.95 for
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