20% off 4 michelin tyres fitted @ costco
20% off 4 michelin tyres fitted @ costco

20% off 4 michelin tyres fitted @ costco

Set of 4 fitted tyres from the michelin pilot car, energy, 4x4, taxi or van range.
Valid from 13/06/11 until 03/07/11.
Its advertised in the costco booklet but recently you don't need the voucher.
Max purchase 2 deals (8 tyres)


I've bought my last set from Costco. Way cheaper than the 'usual' suspects to start with, even better with money off.
Colleague of mines has said you don't need to have them fitted there and then.
As long as you keep the receipt and arrange an appointment, you can keep them until they are needed.
Maybe be worthwhile phoning and asking if this still applies???

Fantastic value for top top-quality. I've taken tyres away and had them fitted later (within the original price) - great if you only need a couple of tyres.

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Nitrogen filled tyres & the energy saver range can save you up to 80 ltrs of fuel (allegedly)
MICHELIN ENERGY Saver also lasts 6,000 miles longer (again allegedly)

these middle class MICHELIN ENERGY Saver are joke, if not used only for highways.Very soft thin sides ... less weight ... more miles.... laught... CAN NOT BE COMPARED TO BRIDGESTONE POTENZA for example
Before Costco had Michelin HP Primacy, they are good, I travel 40k for back and 26k for front wheels with them.But Michelin are soft for courves, the corners eat them quckly.
Also membership is 25 quid.
Now I bought 4 fitted BARUM BAR BRAVURIS2 for 231 from tyre-shoper

Gawd bless you gov. I've been steeling myself to spending serious money on a set of 4x4 tyres. I'm a Costco member but hadn't noticed this deal, it might take a bit of the sting out of it.

Maybe now will be the time to order your winter tyres? Costco only do Michelin - their Alpin A4's that are absolutely excellent.

I wouldn't even mind if they did 10% off for 2 tyres. Only need to replace one set of tyres per year usually.
They still do the Primacy, or they did last year anyway. Just about due for another pair so will need to check.
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