20% off a large selection of Amazon branded products (Prime Only) @ Amazon

20% off a large selection of Amazon branded products (Prime Only) @ Amazon

Found 21st Jul
Amazon are providing Amazon Prime members with 20% off a large range of their products, and it's not their accessories this time which is normally the case.

They have 3/5 blade razors on offer (which I've just purchased to try out), tea, coffee, kitchen rolls, tissues, snacks, baby wipes etc...

Items start from £2.85 (but will reduce further at checkout!).

There's only 2 pages of items, so it may not be for everyone, but if you need any basket fillers to make up items other than 'add-on items', have a look.

Offer ends 1st August.

The 3 blade razor and refills are available for next day delivery, but the 5 blade version plus refills are at present, a 3 day wait - which I'm sure I'll survive.

Example: 5 blade razor + 6 refills is £9.91. At checkout, you're looking at £7.93

5 blade refills (12 pack) is £16.03. At checkout, you're looking at £12.82.

I'll be trying out the main razor and see how it compares with my normal Gillette Fusion, and if I like it - I'll probably get the refills before the offer finishes.

Thanks all.
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No point keeping this up, as it's been voted cold since it went live. Unsure why, as no one has left any comments - so I'll expire it as it's obviously not a good deal
No need to commit thread hara kiri
I got a few things thank you
Why is this voted so cold and as expired when it isn't? 20% off razors is a pretty good deal plus lots of other items
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