20% OFF - Alexander Rose 4ft Broadfield Garden Bench

20% OFF - Alexander Rose 4ft Broadfield Garden Bench

Found 14th Aug 2009
20% off this bench. It's a decent manufacturer as well, rather than the cheap own brand stuff you can get! Was £159.

Details from the site:
Maidenii is a Far Eastern hardwood from the Eucalyptus family, similar in strength to Teak. It is durable and, if left untreated, has a 10 year plus lifespan.

Width: 127cm
Depth: 60cm
Height: 85cm

This furniture is manufactured using plantation grown Maidenii from South America. Maidenii is moderately durable hardwood able to resist the most inclement weather, giving a lifespan in excess of ten years plus if properly looked after. It is therefore well suited for garden furniture.
Due to weathering process and timber being a natural material, joints will become slightly offset and surface cracks will appear especially on exposed end grain where even larger splits will occur. Depending on the climatic conditions when your furniture is put outside, this can happen within only a few hours and will not compromise the strength of the furniture, which is designed with this in mind. This furniture is treated with an ultra-violet sealer to give added protection against the harmful rays of the sun and the general weathering process. We recommend the storage of the furniture in a dry area during winter months.

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