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20% off all Google Play Cards - £10 for £8 /£25 for £20 /£50 for £40 /£100 for £80 - Sold by Amazon

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

**PLEASE NOTE - Email Delivery - UK Customers Only*

£10 now £8
£25 now £20
£50 now £40
£100 now £80

With millions of apps, games and more to discover, there's something for everyone on Google Play. Use a Google Play gift code to explore a world of endless play, from your go-to games to the apps that you can’t live without. No fees, no expiry dates and no credit card required to start playing – which means that it’s the perfect gift for anyone. Even if that person is you.

Download your favourites instantly to enjoy on the go, on the sofa or whatever moment you’re in. Your Google Play apps, games and more are available across devices, everywhere that you enjoy them – including Android, iOS, Chromecast and your web browser.

Redemption instructions:

Only use this gift card's code on Google Play. Any other request for the code may be a scam. Visit play.google.com/gif…cam.

To redeem, enter code in the Play Store app or play.google.com.

Terms and conditions:

See play.google.com/uk-…rms for privacy policy and full terms. Gift Card is issued by Google Commerce Limited. Valid for UK residents aged 13+. Requires Google Payments account and Internet access. Usable for eligible items on Google Play only. Not usable for hardware and certain subscriptions. Other limits may apply. No fees or expiration apply to card. Unless required by law, card is not redeemable for cash or other cards; not reloadable; cannot be combined with other non-Google Play balances in your Google Payments account, resold, exchanged or transferred for value. User is responsible for loss of card. For help or to view Google Play card balance, visit support.google.com/goo…elp.

Features & details
  • Good for use on the UK Google Play Store only. Terms apply – see below.
  • Google Play gift codes can be used on the Google Play Store, the official app store for Android, to purchase apps, games, and more. To redeem, enter code in the Play Store app or play.google.com.
  • Easy to use: with a Google Play gift code, you never have to worry about expiry dates or fees.
  • Endless games to explore: find and play old and new favourites – from mind-bending puzzles to epic quests and more.
  • Just the app that you’re looking for: millions of apps means millions of ways to get things done, learn something new and maybe even meet someone special.
Amazon More details at Amazon
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  1. Toybhoy's avatar
    Can you use this to pay for Google one up front?
    Darthballs's avatar
    i've used google play cards to pay for google one
  2. dwl99's avatar
    Shame you can't pay for a Spotify subscription with this
    Slarty's avatar
    You might like to use the Paypal one year subscription for £99 instead.
  3. robo989's avatar
    Waste of money for Google One.

    2TB annual plan is less than £12.50 paying using Turkish profile, delete payment profile, make uk payment profile, than enable family sharing.

    Repeat after 1 year using new Google account, linking to new account before unlinking previous year.

    You can still benefit from the 10% cashback on hardware by buying through the new account you created, everything else gets shared automatically. (edited)
    Wheresmylaptop's avatar
    I've always been cautious to go down this route for my main Google account. It is backup for all my files, photos and videos including 15 years of my kids growing up. I'm sure I heard somewhere that if Google rumbles you (however unlikely) for using the VPN trick that they may delete your account.

    I'm probably being paranoid, but not risking it for £50/£60 a year.
  4. SClub's avatar
    Be careful, I bought one from Amazon directly and whilst the code was accepted, it's couldn't be redeemed without extra information. Been round in circles for weeks now, and upon Googling it, appears I'm not the only one. Amazon not interested.
    watson44's avatar
    ive had that with a shop bought card, google wouldn't help at all.

    trying again to see if this works
  5. tikibeach's avatar
    Why there never deals on iTunes cards any more ??? Really could do with some
    Hotter's avatar
    They’re Apple Card’s now so can be used on physical hardware so no more discounts
  6. StealMySoda's avatar
    Anybody know if you can pay for YouTube Music with Google Play credit? (edited)
    Steve353's avatar
    Just tried it there without completing order and looks like you can. It defaults to your card but you can change to credit.
  7. amarmp's avatar
    How long did it take people for this to come
    through / how was it received?
    I ordered about an hour ago and can’t find a way to view the code in the app (and no email received). Thanks!
    frish's avatar
    Took me like 2-3 hours where you get your code from your email by clicking on "access your content" and then the button to "view your item".
  8. HellRazer's avatar
    For extra savings, purchase Amazon giftcards from Cardyard to then purchase the Google Play credit. An extra 3% saving.
    Hotter's avatar
    Can’t buy gift cards with gift cards
  9. gx3k's avatar
    Got my Google 1 basic using these vouchers, paid annually for 16% discount. The VPN is fast but you cannot change your location.

    49740856-VtaQZ.jpg (edited)
  10. paulmck's avatar
    Can anyone confirm credit does not expire?
    vnd3tta's avatar
    49742422-7UBI3.jpgSeems that it doesn't have an expiry date, the £1 is from play points
  11. boro4ever's avatar
    Thanks, a free month of YouTube premium
    sc0tt88's avatar
    Youtube Revanced. Thank me later!
  12. pKaTz's avatar
    How long would a Google play balance by valid for. Would this expire?
    bhaskarsa's avatar
    that is what it says
  13. obsydian's avatar
    Thanks was going to pay £25 a year for Lensa, £20 now
  14. thebrazza's avatar
    I got a £50 voucher as a gift for christmas, it took 2 months for google to allow me to actually use the funds i had redeemed.
  15. Mike_Fury.X's avatar
    Can you use it to buy pixel?
    squawkbox's avatar
    Unfortunately not.
  16. G_W10's avatar
    I'm not sure what is available, but I pay my paramount plus through Google play, not sure what other services can be paid but could help others knowing this
    galatino92x's avatar
    Could you explain me how please? Do you think I could use the Google play balance from my rewards ?
  17. Ilovedesign's avatar
    Darthballs's avatar
  18. anonymouse0's avatar
    Thank you this deal is going to save me a lot of money as I need to buy £1200 to pay Bobby from Microsoft support later (edited)
  19. SewerSide's avatar
    Can I buy Amazon gift vouchers using Google Play credit?
    awiew's avatar
    You win mate, you win.
  20. kfitzat's avatar
    Are people too thick or something fishy with all the 1 star reviews? I bought a £10 one and had no issues but now not wanting to risk buying more
    HellRazer's avatar
    People are thick.
  21. arjun311's avatar
    Brilliant timing. I have just been speaking with Microsoft support and they said there is a virus on my computer, their payment system is down and I can pay in vouchers! Instant saving.
    echoes008's avatar
    I like to give them dob, mothers maiden name and other details to speed up the virus removal.
  22. Steve353's avatar
    Hot deal. Great for discounting subscriptions (edited)
  23. simonwhiteuk's avatar
    Perfect. Need a few of these to pay the Microsoft Level 12 technician who keeps calling me. /s
  24. eldaniel's avatar
    If VPN with Google One would definitely happen this could be great way of getting 2TB storage with VPN a bit cheaper.
    MentalFloss's avatar
    Aren't they now rolling out VPN for all plans, not just 2TB?
  25. jonorl's avatar
    Great for paying for scammers!
  26. jaggedm's avatar
    perfect timing.... this will help make the microsoft phone support a little cheaper for me
  27. taiko.786's avatar
    can you use this to pay for hardware or software only ?
    jrwagh333's avatar
  28. No06's avatar
    Shame stadia closed down.
    Yas_Min's avatar
    I still have the stadia refunds on so many accounts that I forgot most of the emails
  29. Scorpion's avatar
    Good stuff thanks OP. Just got one to pay for my upcoming Google One renewal and have applied it and set it up accordingly. Thanks!
  30. paul44spade's avatar
    Good way of getting 20% off a Spotify subscription
    donotneed's avatar
  31. BadGoy's avatar
    Do not redeem ma'am
  32. donotneed's avatar
    If I add credit to my account does play store subscriptions default to credit instead of card?
    vnd3tta's avatar
    You have to make Google play balance the primary payment method. I don't know if that defaults for all subscriptions as I only have one, but I think you probably have to do it with each subscription
  33. JuicyGoomba's avatar
    For those using it for Google One, I understand storage is an incentive, but many are getting it for the VPN. Genuine question, why would you want a Google run VPN?

    I use mostly all Google stuff these days, but I'm genuinely bemused by their VPN offering considering its... well... Google.
    donotneed's avatar
    Exactly, you use a vpn to hide your traffic from isp/google etc. I have not used it once as I already have nord
  34. swag's avatar
    Thanks OP, loaded my account with £110 for £88.
    Google one was up for renewal in couple of months
  35. dw_uk2000's avatar
    Heat, cheers OP just saved £5 on a drone app I was looking at.
  36. chiliroo's avatar
    Get google rewards it soon adds up.
    aLV426's avatar
    Only when you get the chance to complete the surveys - I have a total of £1.19 after over 6 years...
  37. tuningfine's avatar
    I have a Huawei phone 😃
    jack201's avatar
    Cool story bro
  38. quertbarbie62's avatar
    Perfect timing, i am currently in a phone call with the IRS and I need to pay my tax debt with these cards. Thank you so much
  39. cooper182's avatar
  40. sc0tt88's avatar
    I pay for a diet app for the year up front so this is great. Heat! Assuming you can use credit for that... Hmm

    Edit: Google confirmed you can. (edited)
's avatar