20% off all iTunes Gift Cards at W H Smiths.

20% off all iTunes Gift Cards at W H Smiths.

Found 14th Nov 2012
20% off all iTune gift cards at W H Smiths. This offer is on until Sunday 18th of November. I hope this helps someone. This is in store only.
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So I could buy a WHS voucher from Morrisons get 5p a litre off fuel and save 20% on itunes card cool
exactly what I was thinking pipsqueak but not sure if morrisons sell whsmith gift cards? its not on their site
I checked today and they didnt have any left (this was a major store)
Doesn't seem to be working online
Surely you can just take a blank card from another shop and let WHSmith activate it?!?!?! Therefore getting the 20% saving!

So I could buy a WHS voucher from Morrisons get 5p a litre off fuel and … So I could buy a WHS voucher from Morrisons get 5p a litre off fuel and save 20% on itunes card cool

You can't pay for gift cards with another gift card, if this is what you are implying?
It's an ok offer, especially as you can buy a single £15 card for £12 but both Tesco & Morrisons have recently had better offers (Tesco: 3* £15 for £35 / Morrisons £25 card for £20 + 2p off petrol).

I was hoping WHsmith my have had £5 off £15 cards again
I'm always buying iTunes cards but never been lucky enough to get any discount on them. Gutted to not know about recent tesco offer (are they advertised)? Will be going to whs tomorrow - thanks supertramp.
I have some WHSmith vouchers , can these be used to buy iTunes vouchers ?
Thank you, just what I needed for my daughters christmas stocking x
I am waiting for better deals on these as there are a few members of the family to buy for #callmetight lol
Tried in WH Smith Enfield and, no discount at check out!
Thanks, I'll give it a try later on. Has this been as advertised anywhere?
Not doing this in Swindon store
Cold......Offer not available in two city centre branches in Hull?! ;-(
Not doing this in Birmingham The Fort
not available in the central leeds store either
Tried in Holborn, London, no discount
Can anyone verify that this deal is genuine?
X) a 371 degree deal that no one has even seen
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I have a photo of the deal that I found in yesterday's Daily Express, if someone would explain how I upload if on my IPad I would be grateful.
Is this only available in one store?
This Christmas. Think WHSmiths. 20% off all iTunes gift cards.
OFFER ENDS 18/11/12. Subject To Availability. Excludes stores in hospitals,workplaces,stations,airports,motorway service stations, Belfast store,Books at Selfridges,Harrods,Fenwicks and Arnotts, customer ordering and online, Prices correct at time of going to press, offers and prices may vary online,


I have a photo but do not know hoe to upload sorry.

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^^ I wonder why no one is getting this then? if they needed a voucher you'd have thought the shops would mention it.
I tried today and yes you do need a voucher from a newspaper unfortunately. I believe they have been in the Express this week, they were in the Star today, and apparently will be in most of the broadsheets from the 23/11/12. I had a very helpful store manager trying to get this discount to work for me without vouchers, but no luck. He even rang his area manager, who rang back while I was there to update him with the different newspapers the 20% discount voucher would be in.
Surely expired now ?
offer expired
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