20% off at Moto with AA or RAC card

20% off at Moto with AA or RAC card

Found 6th Aug 2007
As everyone knows Motorway services are a rip off.

However something I found our a while ago is, when I show my AA card I get a 20% discount. The discount is in all areas, shop, cafe, Burger King etc.

I often stop for a Burger King and it brings it down to a more "real" price.

The same applies if you have a RAC, MOD pass or Police (force not group hehe) card.
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That's excellent; do you know if it works for A - Fleet Drivers and B - … That's excellent; do you know if it works for A - Fleet Drivers and B - in the M&S shops?___________________Cheers, Dio :thumbsup:

A - Fleet Drivers
You have to show the AA membership card, as long as you have one it does not matter if its a fleet one (in my experience they only want to see a flash of yellow), I dont even get it out my wallet, I just open my wallet and say "AA Discount?"

B - in the M&S shops?
In my AA guide it does say "all shops" but I have not tried M&S and suspect they might decilne it, having said that thing like newspapers are a set price and you should be able to use it on them. Normally things like cigs are excluded but again it does not say that (but I have not tried, I don't smoke).
Thanks for this.
ooo thanx a lot m8! really useful as my parents still use RAC!
Does this apply to all motorwasy service stations?

Does this apply to all motorwasy service stations?

Moto only although at a welcome break a few weeks ago it said at the bottom of my KFC receipt show your RAC card for 20% off on your next visit.

I would say its worth a punt at any Motorway Services, they can only say no :thumbsup:
I know Roadchef (another service station operator) give 20% discount to RAC members
Thanks for this never really read the gubbins that comes with the card but will now!
Heat and rep added.
I use motorways quite alot but hardly ever use the services but this is real handy to know all the same.
I'm with the RAC. I cannot see anything in my membership pack, the RAC or Moto website about getting a discount for being with the RAC.

Can you please tell us where we can find something that backs this up?

i didnt know that and i'm a heavy Mway user - always love poppin into services for a good leg stretch...
*sigh* I went to a BK in a Moto on the M5 earlier! :roll:
wow never knew this.

wonder why the rac dont promote this in there ads. do you think its to save money (do rac reinburse moto for the discount?).

I have done a litlle research and it looks like this has been going for a while as far back as 2000 or even longer.

found a post on mse about rip off motorway stations posted back in 2003 and someone mentioned the 20% discount (post 9 onwards)

Not sure about the RAC but you can find detaild about the AA in the handbook that comes with your card.
That's excellent!

Thanks, voted Hot!
Does this still apply? We spend a fortune in motorway services I thought this deal only applied to RAC members!

Edit: DOH!! theaa.com/mem…tml

All those times i've spent close to £8 on Burger King meals..
You can also get kids in free to lego land and other attractions with a AA card . Well worth having
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