20% off Babymoov Cosydream smokey colour only), use code: UKCSYD20 @ Uber Kids - £31.96

20% off Babymoov Cosydream smokey colour only), use code: UKCSYD20 @ Uber Kids - £31.96

Found 14th Feb
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I’m sure these all had a product recall for health and safety reasons.(mad)
Could me Nan use it for her piles?
Yeah deadly, avoid
Yes right recalled but John Lewis still sells them!!
They've not been recalled as far as I'm aware although they seem to be taken off the shelves of some shops every time an old US safety study circulates round the web. If you read into the detail there's been problems when parents haven't been using them per the instructions (ie for young babies that cannot fully roll over yet place them on their back in the middle), for instance one parent used it to prop her child up on it's side because she couldn't get her to sleep on her back (she propped it up on it's side?!). I know it's insensitive but that and the other examples from the study seemed like parent error.

In my own experience if I want to put the baby down somewhere for a bit around the house they're great (good quality, handy, designed to avoid flattening their head etc), but use common sense.
I had this it was great! Always used under supervision though. Great for avoiding flat head
We bought one of these from amazon for out little one and found it very good when putting her to sleep. For us it cushioned her so we think she felt like she was still being held when put down. Agree with comments though, does need to be used under supervision and as per manufacturers guidelines.
Also worth mentioning these come with i think a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer, you need to sign up through the website address on the packaging and your original order details and then they allow you to print of a guarantee certificate in case you need to claim.
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