20% Off Entry for up to 4 people to Diggerland via Free Downloadable Voucher at Littlebird (kids under 3 go Free)

20% Off Entry for up to 4 people to Diggerland via Free Downloadable Voucher at Littlebird (kids under 3 go Free)

Found 4th Aug 2017
Not often you can find discounts for Diggerland, but you can use the downloadable voucher on the link to take 20% Off the standard gate prices for upto 4 people at any Diggerland UK location ie Kent, Durham, Yorkshire and Devon & the voucher is valid until 29th October 2017, so covers summer & half term hols!

Print and present your voucher at the entrance to receive your 20% off.
Children under 90cm FREE
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Great for the kids holidays, heat added
Can we dig it? Yes we can
Hi under 3's aren't free at diggerland. Anyone over 90cm tall and under 65 years old has the pay the full price which is £19.95 it is a bit cheaper online at £16.95 . Thanks
Got a booklet from the kids school with this offer in. Still seams pretty expensive though
There is a height restriction too that prevents some toddlers to go on the diggers? just worth checking prior to booking.
Recently went to the one in Kent. A really great day and superb value for money. No queuing to get on anything. I had a two and four year old with me both over 90cm. Plenty of things they had to sit out our laps for but that didn't make any difference. A really unique day out. If you averaged the cost over how many diggers etc we drove it probably worked out about £1-£1.50 for each so not expensive.
Your entertainer Tees Valley edition bogof coupons for entry amongst other attractions in area and some nationwide ones too.

I know some folk won't want to buy but there really is some savings to be had.
Appalling bad day. Very expensive for what it is and little to do. Even my easy going 4 year old was bored. So many other options fvailable for entertainment I just don't see why anyone would go here (sepecially after you've been once).
Went to the Kent one. My 3.5 year old (98cm) loved it. He had to sit on our laps for most rides but really enjoyed himself and keeps asking to go back. It is relatively small but a nice day for little legs, not too much walking. You can see charts online of what child can go on by height. I can see why lots of people want to go here! And we will be going back!
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