20% off everything @ M&S this Thursday! INSTORE

20% off everything @ M&S this Thursday! INSTORE

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M&S is having a one day spectacular this Thursday.

20% off everything.
Great chance to stock up on booze. Half price champagne etc
All the 3 for 2 gifts are included as well.


hey that sounds good, how did you find out about it?

is this just for food? i cant imagine it being on everything, if it is i may buy another tv as it would make

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that is cheap

Good if it's true.

How did you find out about it, and do you know if it includes clothes?


sounds good with my 20% staff discount as well

electronics are usually excluded from M&S discount sales like this fyi

First post, just joined.

is this on in all stores?

yes this is a mega day so includes all clothing, some areas such as occasionwear has already started and yes it does exclude electronics but not too sure about home

20% selected items already online. Just ordered the xmas party dress I had my eye on ;-)

I'm never going to have any money!


electronics are usually excluded from M&S discount sales like this fyi

Anyone seen the tcs & cs are electronics excluded?

This is a truly desperate retailer - great opportunity for customers though!

bhs is 20% off today by the way

Voted hot - I will be there!

do you think it will include hampers?

and the stuff that is on 3 for 2?

hi i went in and put some things by ready for thursday in case they didnt have my size this is a good idea, especially if you fancy something in particular

Thanks, Debenhams also have upto 20% on that day too ! :thumbsup:

Will this include "M&S Food" stores? - there's one about 5 minutes walk from my front door, but I never shop there, because Morrisons is 5 and Sainsburys less than 10 hehe (shame Iceland closed and there's no Tesco's aside the one 2 stops away on the train).

Will this be all stuff ONLINE as well?


hi i went in and put some things by ready for thursday in case they didnt … hi i went in and put some things by ready for thursday in case they didnt have my size this is a good idea, especially if you fancy something in particular

How do you do this???

Never knew that M&S will reserve stuff for you.

Just take what you want to reserve to any counter, usually they only offer to save it for 48 hours though.

Just about to go online to buy my s-i-l her dressing gown (that's what she asked for!)
So glad I saw this post.
Many thanks.

Is this online too?


bhs is 20% off today by the way

I went there and got loads of silly little presents.
I will certainly be visiting marks and sparks on Thursday.
For the food alone, will be good :thumbsup:

Voted Hot

you just go in choose items and take them to desk ask for them to be put by its as simple as that

I have just spoken to M&S customer services re the 20% on line sale (Thursday) as I would also be very interested in 20% of TV's!. Unfortunately she doesn't know a) about the 20% sale and definitely doesn't know whether it includes TV's.!!!!!

Not 20% off food I take it?

If you're buying online, don't forget Quidco!



In my store (Camden, London) we are a simply food store with a bit of clothes on the 2nd level.

20% off Clothes and Alcohol along with the discounts you may already picked up along the way (3 for 2 sweets or the discount off Champagne)

Remember, free home delivery if you spend more then £100!

Camden is having a big day with Face Painting and Raffles I think? The managers are keeping it under their hats lol.

There's currently 20% off ladies party wear (per una, Autograph, etc), you'll have another 20% off this Thurs aswell.

Food and technology is not included, but food gifts in the 3 for 2 will be.

20% off all clothing, gifts, wine and selected home (excluding all technology and food).
It is also valid on everything that is already on offer, e.g. autograph bedding, half price champagne, wine etc.
Some good savings to be made, e.g. wine is on offer 2 for £10 i think, plus if you buy 6 you get 10% off, plus the 20% off wine. And if you have the m&s card reward vouchers you can use them too.

There should be a new wine booklet out aswell, that has a £5 voucher to use when you buy 6 bottles of wine.

Thanks I was in there today, and said oh its 20% off on Thursday she laughed and said how did you know, I just said I heard it somewhere!

Does this include gift vouchers then?

Marks and Spencer is turning to a tactic it has not used since the business was in the doldrums in 2004, in a sign of its anxiety about the retail climate.

The retailer will on Thursday hold a one-day “20 per cent off” sale – its biggest pre-Christmas promotion for four years – to stimulate flagging revenue.

The sale comes amid increasingly gloomy news for the retailer.

M&S also announced on Tuesday that George Davies, architect of its most successful women’s wear range, Per Una, is to leave the business at the end of the year.

In running the one-day sale, Sir Stuart Rose, executive chairman, is deploying measures he has not used since just after he took over the business in 2004, although then he was discounting to get rid of unwanted stock.

His decision to stage such a pre-Christmas promotion – for only the second time in M&S’s history – will crystallise fears that the chain is one of the biggest casualties of the downturn in spending.

While some of the problems at M&S are specific to the company, several of the country’s biggest stores are also preparing to clear stock amid evidence that consumers have cut back on spending.

“Going 20 per cent off for one day now is much better in margin terms than putting all your stock into a 50 per cent off sale on Boxing Day,” said Fraser Ramzan, an analyst at Nomura. “The key issue is whether this creates a domino effect across the sector and we see further reductions.”:w00t::gift:

is tis sale ON line too?

Desperate to find out whether this is online too!

I'm away tomorrow, but hoping that I can go online and save 20% on crimbo prezzies!

Original Poster

just to clarify:

It only applies to:

3 for 2 gifts
selected furtniture
ONLINE items
items collected from order service on the day

small electrical items
dvds cds etc
'normal' food

Who doubted my first post last week?

It is online, great!

Thanks Hadouken for the clarification.

Its till midnight tomorrow online and whenever stores close.
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