20% off Merlin Annual Pass @ Legoland

20% off Merlin Annual Pass @ Legoland

Found 26th Aug 2010
20% off for limited period

Type Walk Up price Online price from Quantity
Individual £150.00 Now £120.00
Family 3 (1 adult + 2 children OR 2 adults + 1 child) £330.00 Now £264.00
Family 4 (2 adults + 2 children OR 1 adult + 3 children) £400.00 Now £320.00
Family 5 (2 adults + 3 children OR 1 adult + 4 children £480.00 Now £384.00
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Legoland are part of the same group that own Chessington and having visited there last week with my family I have vowed never to go again and so I would imagine have plenty of others. Yes I know it is the school hols & we should expect crowds & queues but we shouldn't have to put up with the day that my family had. At least five of the major rides (including the newest & headline ride - Cobra) had to be closed down. This had the knock on effect of increasing the queues for the lame rides that were still open (2 hrs plus!!). Went to complain at the 'customer services' office and guess what I had to queue for 40 minutes with lots of incensed people. All the customer services manager could say was that our tickets merely entitled us to enter the park & that 'We don't do refunds'......'Look at our terms and conditions. We're water tight'!! To add insult to injury they could offer us complimentary tickets to relive the torture on another day just so long as we left the park immediately!!. Wouldn't visit the place again and I strongly advise anyone else to steer clear of it unless you are fond of wasting your time and money. Just for the Chessington element IT HAS TO BE COLD FROM ME.
After reading that, what on earth was maabus doing posting that offer!!!!!!
We have Merlin passes, and you sound like you had a truly awful day, but it's not always like that and all the parks are different, Legoland is my favourite, it's always clean, the staff are very polite and helpful. We did get stuck in the car park for ages trying to get out on fireworks night, but that just means I won't be going to that event again this year. E-mail them, say you did leave straight away and ask for tickets to a different park. Its worth a try.
Agree with Crissy_UK, write and complain. They are normally very good at sending out free passes.

Voted hot - we've had Merlin passes for years now, but always purchased using Tesco vouchers.
Snap! Got to love the Tesco vouchers!
Tesco vouchers is the way to go for these. Makes them v cheap. £55 each IIRC.

About Chessington, we were there thsi Tuesday and all rides were running. Queues were reasonable for summer hols. We waited 50 mins at most - for Dragons Fury. 45 mins for Cobra.

Legoland is usually much much busier.
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