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20% Off Everything

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Say "I love you" with Cinnabon ! Enjoy 20% off online on Monday 12th February.

Order before 9.30pm Monday and your bons will be baked and dispatched on Tuesday
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  1. Shue's avatar
    Tesco tear and share cinnamon bun is a decent value alternative
    avidmuffin's avatar
    I had one once and it was SO good, big fan of it. Haven't been able to find it since though, have they stopped making them?!
  2. shanecb's avatar
    Better Call Saul
    Gouken24's avatar
    You mean Gene
  3. mus_ne's avatar
    Make it yourself, cheaper, tastes better and doesn't have a kilo of sugar.

    jimhuf's avatar
    Nearly 1000 cal in a single bun is insane!
  4. big.k's avatar
    With Cinnabon being American... the products are American.... last time I looked, it was around 1000 calories PER Cinnabon. I bought one as a novelty due to Better Call Saul and haven't been back since, it's just ok. Pecan nut slices from Tesco are cheaper and nicer.
  5. avidmuffin's avatar
    Ta just ordered the Mrs some for Wednesday!
  6. jon81uk's avatar
    Almost sold out and the delivery cost makes it expensive.
  7. Stormpooper's avatar
    £11.36 for 2 buns delivered......on offer too! apparently there isn't a cost of living crisis after all.
    Get off ur butt and go to a local baker, it'll cost 70%+ less, be fresher, probably nicer and for a couple of quid they'll likely write something on it for you if you ask nicely the day before you want them.
    Better still make something yourself, even if it's a disaster your other half will appreciate it more, well either that or you'll get divorce papers! (edited)
    chocolate2010's avatar
    My local baker isn’t 70% cheaper whatsoever 
  8. jiya1990's avatar
    This doesn't look that expensive considering people buy mini cheesecakes that look like rabbit poo for £7-13 each #apprentice #londonThings

    This doesn't look that expensive considering people buy mini cheesecakes that look like rabbit poo for £7-13 each #apprentice #londonThings (edited)
  9. FineTuning's avatar
    One a year is enough for me and I had mine on Saturday.
  10. Dr_lovegod's avatar
    Better call Saul
  11. Renzy_Mastery's avatar
    Good discounts, especially they often expensive buns
  12. Cyb's avatar
    Good for those who like them but the Cinnabon ones are mad sweet.

    I have made them in the past, but they are time consuming to make.
  13. sjr88's avatar
    Crazy prices and calories!
  14. jayeshdp's avatar
    I can’t seem to order anything just says coming soon
    Shue's avatar
    Say “I love you” with Cinnabon! Enjoy 20% off online on Monday 12th February. Our online store will be restocked again at 9.30pm this evening* (edited)
  15. Hiptobesquare's avatar
    If you're trying to lose weight then stay clear of these. If it's your birthday than go ahead and treat yourself.
  16. Peter1001's avatar
    It's all good man
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