20% off sale on all paint @ Homebase plus buy one get second 1/2 price on all dulux

20% off sale on all paint @ Homebase plus buy one get second 1/2 price on all dulux

LocalFound 21st Jan 2013
Homebase have a 20% off sale on all paint, the dulux paint is also buy one get second half price, I picked up two tins suitable for kitchen/bathroom for £20! These were 2.5l tins in the sale so discount works on reduced items

20% off valid till 22nd jan
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The ones in the sale I guess are store specific but some decent ones if only a tin or two needed
Thanks for this op, these will be perfect for our recent loft conversion. Heat added.
not on all dulux I tried with paint pod paints
not on paint pod so not all dulux
I tried Kitchen Plus Paint which costs £23.99 and on adding 2 it correctly calculated a £12 discount (BOGSHP). However on adding the 20% code it got confused and reduced the BOGSHP to £7.20. This is online, so not sure if there is an issue with the in-store system as well.
It does the 20% off then calculates the bogshp in store, my boyfriend got 4tins of matt paint for £23 today not bad
It is not doing it correctly. If it does the 20% of first then each tin will be £19.19 and hence BOGSHP will be £9.60 making it £19.19+£9.60 = £28.79. However it shows me a total of £31.98 which is almost the same price I can get at Wilkinson with their 20% off on Dulux paint though not sure what is the difference between Kitchen Plus and Reallife paint both marketed by Dulux but seems to be that a retailer stocks either of these varieties.
Thanks OP managed to get lots of light reflective paint which was on sale anyway plus with these offers absolute bargain. Now got enough to do living and dining room. Hubby gonna be v v busy
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