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20% off select LEGO e.g Home Alone 21330 £207.99/ Spider-Man 76178 Daily Bugl £239.99 / Star Wars AT-AT 75313 £587.99 + free gift £75 spend

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20% off selected Lego. For example LEGO Ideas Home Alone Set 21330 is £207.99, LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Daily Bugle Set 76178 is £239.99, Star Wars AT-AT Set 75313 £587.99, Hocus Pocus: The Sanderson Sisters' Cottage 21341 £159.99, plus various other sets. You can also get a free gift with £75 spend LINK TO OFFER HERE. Free delivery with £50 spend

LEGO Ideas Home Alone Set 21330 £207.99

Relive a family-favourite Christmas comedy movie with this LEGO Ideas Home Alone House Set (21330) for play and display. The LEGO McCallisters' house is packed with instantly recognizable details and delightful features to recreate hilarious scenes. There is everything you need to stage Kevin's fake Christmas party, a basement furnace with a LEGO light brick, iron-drop function, swinging paint cans, collapsible shelves, zip line from the attic to the treehouse and more. Each level of the house is detachable, and the walls and roof open up for easy access.

This large LEGO house building set is the biggest LEGO Ideas set so far! Recreate hilarious scenes with Kevin McCallister, mom Kate McCallister, crooks Harry and Marv, plus the neighbour 'Old Man' Marley, plus Harry and Marv's van with crowbar and police hat elements inside.

Great Christmas holiday gift!

With 3,957 pieces, this is the biggest LEGO Ideas set so far, and the bricks are divided into bags following the movie's plot, so you can relive the story as you build during the holidays.

Measures over 10.5 in. (27 cm) high, 13 in. (34 cm) wide and 14.5 in. (37cm) deep.

Contains 3955 pieces.

  • Brilliantly detailed buildable model of the McCallisters' house from Home Alone.
  • 5 LEGO® minifigures, including Kevin McCallister and crooks Harry and Marv.
  • The house opens up for easy access and has loads of fun functions.
  • Many instantly recognizable details to spark memories of hilarious scenes.
  • Festive display piece for you or a Christmas gift for other Home Alone fans.
  • The building stages track the plot of the movie.
  • Step-by-step instructions guide your immersive building experience.
  • Age: 15+


LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Daily Bugle Set 76178 £239.99

LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Daily Bugle (76178) set for adults and teens, brings together a cast of 25 classic characters from the Spiderverse in a stunning build-and-display construction project. Measuring over 32 in. (82 cm) high, this 3,772-piece, 4-storey celebration of the Marvel Universe lets you recreate the Daily Bugle office block!

  • 1x LEGO 76178 Marvel Spider-Man Daily Bugle Set
  • Contains 3772 pieces
  • The ultimate build-and-display project for adult Marvel enthusiasts
  • With 25 minifigures, including Marvel’s most celebrated characters
  • Authentic details and fun accessories
  • High-quality, easy-to-follow instructions allow immediate building
  • Over 32 in. (82 cm) high, 10.5 in. (27 cm) wide and 10.5 in. (27 cm) deep


LEGO Star Wars AT-AT Set 75313 £587.99

Every LEGO Star Wars fan has waited for this AT-AT (75313) big LEGO Star Wars UCS set for adults. This epic Ultimate Collector Series Star Wars buildable model features posable legs and head. It also has cannons with a realistic recoil action, rotating cannons, bomb-drop hatch and a hook to attach to Luke Skywalker’s line – just like in the legendary Battle of Hoth.


Free gift with £75 spend

Choose from a free gift with £75 spend


Free gift with £75 spend
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  1. robcrook10124270's avatar
    Cashback with Halifax too 12%
    MaxMini's avatar
    Good tip. Max £30 cashback.
  2. markoUK's avatar
    Who’s. The courier and how’s the packaging with Disney?
    Martin_Ward's avatar
    It's really good. Normally delivered in saleable custom disney boxes. I've always found the service really good
  3. jessica41's avatar
    Gave in a got Home Alone 🙈 had an extra 12% cash back from Lloyds- I’m hoping it doesn’t go cheaper!
  4. Jay121x's avatar
    Was hoping Home Alone would hit below £200 but lloyds has 12.5% cashback and TCB has 5.1% so I had to bite.

    Thanks OP
    ryapad's avatar
    12% cash back with Halifax Cash back extras as well
  5. Twinkle21's avatar
    Thanks for sharing! Been hoping for this deal 😁
  6. mrsandmum's avatar
    Heat added some good offers especially Home Alone and Daily Bugle.
  7. Yoshi123's avatar
    Nice one, ordered Home Alone set with lights from Ali wonder how it compares to original one.
    OFAH's avatar
    Let us know when it arrives what it's like (edited)
  8. jackanape's avatar
    Gutted that the Bugle is out of stock already, will have to hope it comes back or Smyths put it on sale again.
    minifig290's avatar
    Due to retire this year this one (although not in LEGO's Last Chance area, so hoping it may be bumped into next year). Stingy Smyths probs won't have much of an offer on though sadly judging by their discounts recently during this year.
  9. wildkarrde's avatar
    Son has been wanting the Home Alone set after selling his unwanted Lego - thanks saved him a few quid
    Chanchi32's avatar
    no problem, cheers
  10. S_Kelly's avatar
    FYI Disney Up house is £30 in Smyth's (in-store, Bangor NI). (edited)
    AceT's avatar
    Shows £40 on the website
  11. blue-note's avatar
    Just had £110 refunded back for no reason after I'd put in an order for the Home Alone house . Anyone else had half their money returned?
    markoUK's avatar
    Is it to save having to refund you 50% for the damage Evri with cause in advance?
  12. mrxboxps3's avatar
    All sold out, not a surprise, scalpers and resellers just suck up all the stock.
    thepostie's avatar
    Most of it has been available all day. Just got to be quick! 20% is a fantastic deal.
  13. leeharvey2000's avatar
    I’d take the fake Lego Home Alone set I’ve seen but it’s still £170. If the real one ever goes under £200 I’ll bite but I can’t justify current price.
  14. danvman2's avatar
    Heat. Been watching a lego set on there for ages, finally swooped in and bought it this morning. Cheers... hoping for 6% tcb and 5% from Halifax
  15. Richie3k's avatar
    Free small gift (£20rrp) as well with orders over £75
  16. JamesNolan's avatar
    Ordered the home alone house and Disney castle for the Mrs. Thank you!
  17. minifig290's avatar
    Great prices for sure, Home Alone highly recommend, whiles not its lowest of all time, since its price rise this hasn't been much lower than £230.

    Winnie the Pooh and Daily Bugle and Ice Castle retiring soon so not bad on them (although Winnie the Pooh is £69.99 at LEGO with the Insider vouchers)

    Lowest price yet on Hocus and the re-release of the Disney Castle
  18. BillysYoungest's avatar
    Thanks. £183.03 with extra 12% cashback via Lloyds Bank. Now to try and be patient waiting for it. 🙌 (edited)
    dunkerz's avatar
    Is this in your Everyday Offers on Lloyds Bank? Nothing there for me, just a load of retailers I’m not likely to shop with!
  19. jiggerjay's avatar
    Daily bugle sold out whilst sorting my account out. Oh well!
  20. Alfiebarksalot's avatar
    Two AT-ATs inbound. Ouch. Was hovering on pushing the button on the Coolshop promotion but would rather order from Disney. A few Virgin credit card points on the way which will hopefully soften the blow.
    nichwe's avatar
  21. worlwind13's avatar
    Damn it I bought the Lego Home Alone on Saturday for double points and freebies from Lego
    doppel_dage's avatar
    Same - tempted to return and just take the lower price now
  22. Jay121x's avatar
    Est Del date for home alone : 4th Dec.

    Hopefully it's sooner
  23. powdersnake23's avatar
    I'm with Halifax and I can see 12% cashback on Disney+ purchases but nothing for the Disney Shop 😔 same for anyone else?
    thepostie's avatar
    Mine says Disney store, but I also had Disney+. Might be further down the list!
  24. Yoshi123's avatar
    Did anyone noticed that someting doesnt add up in the Home Alone set ?

    "With 3,957 pieces, this is the biggest LEGO Ideas set so far"
    "Contains 3955 pieces."
  25. judeyjudey's avatar
    Millennium Falcon is cheaper at
    Chanchi32's avatar
    you get the free gift here though so some may prefer
  26. spadams's avatar
    Home Alone is out of stock.
  27. Idntkno's avatar
    went for home alone set earlier, cannot wait! Thanks op
  28. Sparkymark's avatar
    Has anyone bought the Lego atat was is shipped in the brown lego shipping box ?
    lego_images's avatar
    Bought it last year. Shipped in outer box, not a scratch
  29. Davelegoc's avatar
    Finally got the At At
  30. Jonno42's avatar
    Thanks, managed to get 4 Home Alone sets
    dreadbricks's avatar
    They'll probably cancel 2 tomorrow so just be aware, they do check order limits, addresses etc but it's sometimes a day or so later (edited)
  31. Jay121x's avatar
    Has anyways home alone order shipped?
    jessica41's avatar
    No 😔
  32. Jay121x's avatar
    Didn't realise est ship date was 4th Dec for Home Alone
  33. piemistress's avatar
    Just got an email to say that they (Disney) have cancelled my ordrer ARGHHH was for my son's Xmas
    luke.mooreQfx's avatar
  34. bevbevster's avatar
    Mines be cancelled today
  35. ShadowMKI's avatar
    My AT-AT orders been cancelled today too, I ordered it at like 2pm Monday, it was still for sale Wednesday last time I checked too…
  36. Biggsy1984's avatar
    I ordered the AT-AT on Monday, have had no communication since then and received an email saying my order has been cancelled today. I asked on their live chat and the advisor said it was an IT error their end. The AT-AT set doesn't seem to be listed there at all now
  37. JadeJade91's avatar
    I've not had mine cancelled yet, online order status says in progress. I bought home alone lego on Monday morning, money was pending in my bank account but today has disappeared from pending but hasn't actually come out so no idea what's happening
  38. Mr.Nutts's avatar
    Anyone know what day and time they get more stock? lol
  39. Idntkno's avatar
    no pending transaction on my online banking now, funds not taken :/ . Now Im unsure if to buy from Lego before BF ends (edited)
's avatar