20% off takeaway orders @ HungryHouse

20% off takeaway orders @ HungryHouse

Found 12th Aug 2014
Just click the Get Deal button which gives you 20% off at HungryHouse

- A mobile number is needed and SMS will be sent for validation
- Credit/Debit Card orders only
- First time customers (to get around this, use different email and mobile number)
- Expires 31st December 2014
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Doesn't work
Good if it works. The last StudentBeans HH offer didn't
Worked for me
wont work grrr
Worked for me
Stupid thing won#t work...can't even order!
Worked for me. Cheers OP. Had to use my son's mobile number as I must have ordered from them before.

If you use an existing number you get stuck in a payment loop, where you can't progress the order
Doesn't work... hubby has a new account and nothing
it works, u must use an email u never used before ( a random email can be used if you don't mind about the receipt)
and a number u never used before. well, just using PAYG cards for this by the time u wanna take an order.
Didn't work for me - I got the SMS number, it seemed to know it was a 20% discount. But the website sent me in loops. I tried the mobile app too, but it wouldnt work their either.
it's didn't work for me so I done an live chat with an advisor he was very helpful and credited me £4 (my order was £13.80)
DON'T EVEN BOTHER!!! Their advisors are pretty vigilant since this deal appeared on this site. I took the advice of Hotdeals and used a different email address and mobile number, but it still didn't work. Their system has got very clever and recognises a lot more than just email addresses and phone numbers. I even tried the live chat and they could see past orders even though I used the new email address and mobile number.
Specialcase is correct. System is looking at ip address as well it seems. Doesn't work unless your first time customer.
I actually think it is looking at the delivery address.
This doesnt work, it actually expired last month. Link just takes you to their search page. Reported as expired.
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