20% off this weekend (8/9th Nov) for Waterstones Cardholders [INSTORE]

20% off this weekend (8/9th Nov) for Waterstones Cardholders [INSTORE]

Found 8th Nov 2008
I've just been into the local Waterstones and got 20% off everything I bought on top of other offers - so for example I bought the new Jaqueline Wilson for my daughter (rrp £12.99) for "this week only" offer of half price £6.49 less 20% so £5.19. Plus I got 3% of net another 15p credited to my card balance.

If you are not an existing cardholder I don't know if you can get a card at checkout and do the same deal today or tomorrow but worth a try!

Seems to be just an in-store offer.



Seems like a good deal, not sure why some are voting it cold.

is this just instore? i cant see any mention of this online

could be because I got the same offer via email, swmbo was in town this morning and the 2 books she mentioned to me were cheaper online and if you take off the 8% quidco and use one of the £5 off vouchers on here....its not such a good deal....if the online prices were elligible for 20% off it would have been a hot deal...otherwise you possibly end up paying more in store...even with the voucher.

voted hot by me, thanks.

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Yes just in store as far as I could see

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Is that after allowing for P&P on on-line?


I've added instore only to deal title


Is that after allowing for P&P on on-line?Martin

They are currently offering free delivery on all UK orders



Can someone attach the email with the barcode for the 20% off? The store won't let me have the offer without it. I didn't get the email for some reason :-(
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