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20% off TVs at the Argos clearance store in Stanley Durham
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20% off TVs at the Argos clearance store in Stanley Durham

Posted 22nd Feb 2014Available: National
20% off tvs at tv's at Argos clearence. Grab a bargin.
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Sorry but cold for me. I bought a TV there a few weeks ago, had to take it back the next day cos it was faulty. I was going to swop it for another but while I was there a woman came in to return a faulty TV that she'd bought the day before... And then a husband and wife came in to return a faulty TV that they'd got the day before - but in their case the faulty TV they were returning was the second one they'd had, both had faults!!

I got a refund instead and will not go there again!!

They're supposedly refurbished but it appeared to me that they were faulty TVs that had been returned to Argos and rather than fix them they were just selling them again.
I bought a Sony Tv from here a while back had no issues at all with it, in fact I still have it and got it for a bargain price, heat added
Hello i have purchased 3 tvs in the past from here and had no issues with them and they are still in working order after 2 to 3 years of use 1 alba and 2 hitachi tvs
so tired of explaining this clearance/refurbished means returns....returns faulty/used. Refurbishment means cleaned sometimes new box at best the tvs are checked out by unqualified screeners. Ask how to put tvs in service mode then you will see how many hours they have been running for. Ex display stock run for thousands of hours are sold this way. Argos do not employ engineers capable of repairing the micro circuitary on the tv panels. Dont forget with refurbished resold laptops you will not be able to register with original manuafacturer for any support updateddrivers etc. Quite often Argos get them back and just send straight back out with first user details still on them. Yes Argos offer you warranty but it is not the same as the original manuafacturers. Their returns department is headed up by ex Comet dodgy staff with all their dodgy practices now in place.

Positive comments on this site often put on by clearance staff

Looks to good to be true.....it usually is
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