20% off Wii & NDS Games

20% off Wii & NDS Games

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Hi, First time poster.
Been into Toys R us today and spotted they have 20% off Wii & NDS Games so picked up Guitar Hero : On Tour on the DS for £23.99 Quite happy with that

Cannot see it online so might only be instore


what store was this this in as im hoping it nationwide but might not be. Was the guitar hero include the attachment bit?

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Yes it had the Guiter attachment and a guiter pic included and got it up from the Ipswich store. I believe the 20% is nationwide though.

20% off is online on 'selected wii and ds games'.
should link to the 1st of 11 pages of games in the offer!

Guitar hero doesn't appear to be on their website at all for ds (except as a console bundle) and is oos on wii though!

their nationwide sale is from10am tomorrow.

Surprised this is voted so hot - the wii games at 39.99 are not a sale in my book!

Agreed 20% may bring them to a more realistic price but not much more IMHO.

Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii is cheaper in HMV anyway, £45.99 plus they do a student discount to bring it down to just over £40.

couldnt you price match this + discount at pcworld?

Thanks to the OP, I also got GH on tour, nice pressie for the missus!
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