20 Pack Winter Bedding Plants £2.49 @ Aldi from Thur 24/10

20 Pack Winter Bedding Plants £2.49 @ Aldi from Thur 24/10

Found 21st Oct 2013
Not to be outdone by Lidl's lingonberry, Aldi are doing 20 packs of British-grown pansies/violas for £2.49 this coming Thursday. So if you haven't got your winter colour pots, baskets and beds done yet, here's your chance.

They say there are four varieties to choose - it's not clear whether each tray is mixed or a single variety. the picture looks mixed. Anyway, there are two varieties of viola and two pansy in various colours.

Similar packs have been around the £6 mark in the sheds so these are a bit of a steal.
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Winter bedding plant? Didn't even know there was such a thing (not much of a gardener though). Are they genetically modified or something? Or is it a case of them being so cheap as it's just advertising spiel and they are about to die off?
No, they're not GM although they've probably been bred by selection over many generations to be hardier than they started out. They'll last through the winter. If the weather gets really bad, it knocks them back a bit but they will recover. I just binned my summer baskets the other day and planted them up with winter pansies I grew from plugs and they're flowering away nicely.
Good price - especially if you can use the £5 off voucher in Thursday's Daily Mirror! HOT
Paid £5 at Hombase! Heat from me a very good price. I got all my summer bedding from Aldi this year and my garden was stunning. Their cut flowers always last well too.
Worth a try.
Buy them every year, always good quality in the past heat added, thanks
Have bought excellent products from aldi in past a. Going to give the plants a try
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