20 packs of herbal Glue Ear Packs (kids)
20 packs of herbal Glue Ear Packs (kids)

20 packs of herbal Glue Ear Packs (kids)

I saw this on last night on teletext and have found it on the website

Herbal help for glue ear

Around seven in 10 children have an episode of glue ear by the time they are four.

Glue ear is caused by infection of the middle ear through swelling of the Eustachian tube, pressure and the build-up of infected fluid.

Frequent coughs and colds result in repeated attacks, pain and loss of hearing. The herb echinacea is one way to boost children's resistance.

We have 20 packs of Children's Echinacea FREE. EMAIL THEM, putting Teletext in the subject box, to enquiries@lifeplan.co.uk

Kiwiherb Children's Echinacea is a mixture of apple juice, orange, and fennel, and suitable for children.

Alcohol-free, it safely, effectively helps the body avoid, ease the symptoms of, and recover from, glue ear and other infections.


link not working

Emailed And Ordered Mine, Thank You, Heat Added

emailed although only 20 wont go far

no evidence that it works.......

Always handy to have if you have kids as you never know if they'll get glue ear at some point. I can tell you now after having suffered from it as a child that its not pleasant! OK 20 wont last forever, but ITS FREE and it'll last quite long enough for emergency purposes for example over a weekend until you can get to the doctors or to a pharmacy. Good find if they do send them out to you. I wont be requesting any myself as I'm not quite able to be a mommy yet
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