£20 pp for a room in the cutter hotel Weymouth close to the sea front

£20 pp for a room in the cutter hotel Weymouth close to the sea front

LocalFound 7th Aug 2012
The cutter hotel/pub has rooms for £20 per person. i was walking around Weymouth and saw this sign outside and thought it was quite cheap for any time of year let alone summer.

Will attach large photo of the sign.
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Wouldn't exactly call it a review, more of a entry to crufts... no mention of any accommodation on the review, but plenty about Molly the dog.. X)
Couldnt find a website your welcome to try.
I bet that sign outside on the pavement is illegal, it forces you to step onto the road...
Yes, I wouldn't call that review... On the other hand perhaps Molly will guard the B&B at night?:-)
Good deal OP. If one just wants to get away for couple of days, ideal!
Yeah i thought so, im not sure what you can complain to much at £20 who wants to stay in their room all day anyway get out and about. I thought the dog review was funny adds character.

Another photo just found

is this an android pub ?
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£40 a night for a couple to stay above a pub, no thank you
Great location and for a night away, a great deal.
have to agree... essentially a room above a pub for £40 for a couple. hmmmm - doesnt scream a bargain does it.

Travelodge is more appealing if booked in advance
If you can plan the weather in advance
Watched on BBC breakfast this morning that some hoteliers whinging that bookings are down 30 to 40% this summer because of the Olympic traffic chaos....Nothing to do with them trying to charge 3 to 4 times the price they normally charge then???

Not sure I'd risk it if the top review is … Not sure I'd risk it if the top review is accurate.http://www.weymouthpeople.co.uk/pubs-and-bars/pubs/cutter-hotel/business-8103371-detail/business.html

Well at least that is a review of the establishment and not a review of Molly the dog...

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