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20 Richmond frozen thick sausages £1.25 in store at Aldi Eastleigh

£1.25£2.8556% off
In store: Southampton · Aldi Deals
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I've just bought these from Aldi in Eastleigh, not sure if it's nationwide but there was a full freezer section of them. Great price for the quantity.

£2.85 is the cheapest in other supermarkets

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    Bought these In Aldi Hindley an hour ago for the same price.

    49003819-JHyup.jpg (edited)
    Maybe you could make a post for the biscuits , bargains
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    Contain exactly the legal MINIMUM pork to allow them to be called pork sausages 42%.

    Even Asda's yellow essential range sausages contain more meat (51%) lol

    I wouldn't feed these to my dog
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    Wouldn't even feed these to my dog.. If I had one...
    But strange thing is their veggie ones are really nice
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    Great sausages for my budget and palate. Heat given.
    To those saying they wouldn't give these to their dog, shame on you. There's a severe cost of living crisis going on and people can't afford your posh foods
    I think they're great. Our go to sausage

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    42% pork
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    Good price but terrible sausages
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    Great price absolute bargain, Richmond win in their marketing of their sausages but they are not the greatest but lets not forget its all about the bargain!
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    I don’t eat these.  
    @ 1.25 for 20 these will certainly be welcomed by some people. 
    At the moment any saving that helps people’s budget is probably welcomed. 
    Heat for the Deal.  
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    Wouldn't buy them at 10p terrible
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    I agree with both the above comments, they're not my choice at all, but my wife and son like them and to stick in the freezer I'm happy at the price
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    These have got be the worst sausages going
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    I now appreciate these sausages.... not what I would choose to eat but they gave me a gold flamedeer!!!
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    When you think of all the high quality food Ireland produces these really are a disgrace
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    These should not be called sausages 😡

    Or even food for that matter.... I doubt pet food would be allowed this level of corruption ... Google "pink goo" and never buy these again.
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    Tried these once, I think enough fat to create a fatberg came out of those sausages. Never again!
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    worst sausage iv ever tried, waitrose own brand are nice, as are marks n sparks own brand, i remember cooking these awful richmonds and the center was still pink, yes i cooked them properly, the meat looked like tiny little balls only way to describe them... (edited)
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    Agree with the comments on these sausages.
    I bought a couple of bags from Farmfoods and whilst they taste ok, they don't seem to have a proper skin on them, so don't get crispy on the outside.
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    Aldi Nottingham, same price today, £3:30 in Tesco (edited)
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    Is this a sausage party?
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