20 slush puppy ice pops £1 @ poundland

20 slush puppy ice pops £1 @ poundland

Found 24th May 2011
I dont know if this is a regular line but ive never noticed them before
taking the good old 5p ice pop back to 5p


I'll have to stock up on these for the Summer when I'm in town, thanks.

Btw, interesting choice in picture..

How exactly do I get my hands on those puppy's...???

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i know its hard to make out but she is sucking on an icepop!

I think we need a bigger picture to confirm this


voted cold due to shameless attempt at heat with that pic.... and because they are ice pops and naturally cold.

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r.a.f as well.

stuff poundland. I'll settle for licking hers.

Not had one of those since i was a kid.......an ice pop i mean, not a freckly ginge....I said GINGE! NOT

I think she should be arrested for give me a popup she beautiful

Suck on this baby

That photo has suddenly given me a desire for slush puppy ice pops or is it something else that I fancy?

Wonder if her jubblies are as impressive. Nothing wrong with ginger, i crawled out of a rusty goosebury bush.
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