20 Star Curtain Window Lights £1.99 @ Argos

20 Star Curtain Window Lights £1.99 @ Argos

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Please don't vote this cold just cos Christmas is over!Buy them now and pack them away for next year.


why do all the argos links i try to open recently not connect to anything?

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why do all the argos links i try to open recently not connect to anything?

Not sure what's up.the links working for me but searching around the argos website often leads to a dead end.sometimes the A-Z search works.:thumbsup:

in fact nothing i search for connects, is the website playing up or is it my computer?

Thanks for spotting those. Have reserved 2 to collect. ..... and i'll put them away for next xmas and lose them lol


. ..... and i'll put them away for next xmas and lose them lol

Hilarious:giggle: You and me both!

that a shame out of stock in 5 of my local stores

looks like all out of stock

if you can get these then do, bought mine 2 years ago at full price and they're brill!

Thanks for the heads up

Our tree lights have refused to turn on today and so have reserved some other lights in their sale.


why do all the argos links i try to open recently not connect to anything?

This seems to happen with firefox, i just cut and paste the link into explorer and it show the deal

Heat added, Nice deal:thumbsup:

it says £11.99 not £1.99

oooh thanks, gonna try and get some of these for my wedding, they will look awesome in the night x

reserved some for my mum - good work!

Great price, shame they're so small though! I'd need to buy 2 for 1 window, and would then need 2 on 2 windows, which means I'd need to buy 4. Still £6's not bad but.... that also then means... 4 mains chargers... nah.

out of stock for me too. pity.

Hope they are in stock where I live, they look great!

still available for Home delivery

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Can a mod please unexpire this as there is still stock in stores.:thumbsup:

got some yeaterday they are fab




it says £11.99 not £1.99

Did you click this link - its different lights, this is the link for the £1.99 ones - click the box in the original posting.

ah man, out of stock in all sotres in south wales bah humbug. heat added though!

I have 1 reserved for post office rd,Bmth if anybody wants it ?

Thanks for that. I've reserved two sets as our house did not look very Christmassy this year.

I bought a set of these before Christmas, and then took them back, I thought they were cheap tacky, and horrible - but hey, to each their own I suppose. :oops:

I've just got some from Camberley - there is still one set left to reserve in Aldershot as of a few minutes ago.

One thing I noticed was that if I use the check stock feature using my postcode it listed the one in Camberley but if I searched for the Camberley store going through 'Reserve for Store Pick-Up' it wasn't showing any in stock. Must be a bug in the system there.

out of stock for mr - as are ALL the argos deals i look at!!!!!!!

heat added anyway - good price

thanks op, link works fine however all out of stock in cardiff and surrounding areas :gift:

OOS around me, but probably for the best as the cats would probably just electrocute themselves trying to eat them!

Sooooo pretty though!

Good find but out of stock everywhere around wrexham

As I said in my earlier post I reserved two at Camberley but I am no longer going to get there within the reservation time so as of Thursday morning there will be two more sets there.

However knowing that I wouldn't be able to make it I had a look to see if I could reserve some more and there were 4 sets in Camberley ready for pick up. I've now reserved two of those but still two remaining and after my reservation for today runs out there will be two more.

Alternatively, if anyone would like my reservation number for two sets (I'm sure you could say at the counter if you just wanted one) to pick up today it is - 019426. If anyone uses it please post a reply.

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There is still 2 in stock in Portadown and over 5 left in Cookstown
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